ADVENT: … uncomplicated joy…

So, it’s really late & i will just leave you with one thought that has been mulling (like a good hot wine) in my head today:


There it is – something for YOU to mull over now.  Sure, many living examples i’ve encountered in conflict zones have been Rather Complicated, but it’s funny how living there the simple things mattered (ok, in some places it’s life vs. death struggles every day. But in some way the small things in life then become more valuable??)

Whether it’s having a cup of tea with a friend, enjoying a sunrise (or sunset), taking a walk, fellowshipping with family, cooking a good meal (EATING a good meal),… spending time in quiet prayer – uncomplicated Joy boils down to simple choices & an attentive attitude on the look out for joy opportunities (like love, joy comes in all shapes & sizes & often when we least expect it, joy surprises…)

So, as Christmas nears & the Holiday Hustle gets into Boogie Mode:

Just DO it :    FIND JOY!

Just DO it:    SHARE JOY!

Just DO it:    BE JOY!

Italian hot chocolate

grace, peace & UNCOMPLICATED JOY

   Virginia : )

p.s. this is the best hot chocolate (ever!) enjoyed in Italy, but it’s sure easy to be joyful after a cup of the usual variety, especially on a very cold day!!

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4 Responses to ADVENT: … uncomplicated joy…

  1. carok jo says:

    Thank you , you are joy

    • Virginia says:

      CAROL-JO — you are so amazing! JOY on steroids (the good kind!) Blessings to you & early Birthday (1 1/2 hrs to go) greetings, Merry Christmas & more : )

      grace, peace & JOY – Virginia

  2. Uncle Tree says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, Virginia! ‘Tis a joy to see you again! 🙂
    Wishing you and yours a very, very Merry Christmas
    full of peace, love, and contentment,
    Hugz, Uncle Tree ▲

    • Virginia says:

      UNCLE TREE – so grand hearing from you(!) Merry Christmas to you & yours & prayers for a New Year blessed with extra doses of the grace, love, joy & peace of Jesus Christ! (oh, & Mercy, too) – Virginia

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