…lost &…FOUND(!)

ok, so you know what it’s like to lose something? or misplace something for a Very Long Time?   It happens.  But isn’t it just So Very Joyful when you find what you’ve lost & have been missing?  Yippee! Yiaaayye! Yahooaye! yes, today we’re a bit joyful since what’s been lost since Christmas has been FOUND.

Big deal.  It’s only been a month of ‘lost-ness’  – sometimes we lose stuff for months, years … or forever (when we feel like Tolkien’s Gollum shrieking:  “LOST!  LOST! my precious…) But after searching high (& low), ‘tis so exhilaratingly grand to actually FIND what you’ve been looking for…

Hmmmn…& this is of interest why exactly? Stay with me… ‘cause it’s actually a wee bit Hilarious (the ‘how-it-was-found’ bit in a satirically sardonic sense of sorts…)

A few background bits & pieces…

1st – the item:  a Christmas Gift.  From me, TO:  my parents & brother (& me!)  A movie – a VERY GREAT movie:  For Greater Glory (you can read my review by clicking here.)   ‘Twas also given (from me) to Other Family Members (a significant stack… as my brother reminded when said item he opened ceremoniously for us could Not Be Found a few days after Christmas.)

ok, ok – so this is not a Gollum-Ring-of-Power sort of lost item, but still, the energy spent trying to find it is rather similar to trekking through Mirkwood, the curvy no-end-in-sight moments (at the very least)…

2nd – the search: after talking up the movie to the Savvy Saints (my parents), naturally they want to SEE IT.  And, naturally, my Papa has continued asking ‘when are we Going To Watch the New Movie?”  hmmn. All the usual places… under the usual places… around the usual places…next to the usual places… even a few unusual possibilities.   NO MOVIE.

3rd – Mysterious Goings On.  Last week Miss Murple (in Purple) as my brother calls his deductive sis (who has read a zillion mysteries, including every Agatha Christie ever written) began to Get A Little Suspicious.  Like, her brother opened the present? & didn’t seem Too Enthusiastic about How Great the movie is? The last one seen with the item & all that…


This, however, raised serious sibling TRUST ISSUES.  To avoid outright tension (& after looking under his bed dodging Mirkwood-ish dustballs)  strategically ordering the movie from Netflix seemed like a Good Idea.

But, then, TODAY…

Mama noted that the Super Bowl is Sunday & how these huge boxes filled with Papa’s New Books were cluttering up the living room (hidden behind a sofa?  not anywhere near the TV?)  Very subtle, she is… & after giving her the ‘i am very busy glare’ (‘twas true, since 5:30a.m. hardly a chance to SIT DOWN in this mad house..)  for some reason I actually went & immediately emptied all the boxes & reorganized ALL the piles of Papa’s books (& booklets)  in their neaty stashes in & under a big desk we have in the living room.

After completing this task, I turned to move the scary suction machine (also hidden behind the sofa, for use in an emergency in case Papa chokes, which just having it there serves as a good incentive for him Not To Choke) …

& VOLIA:  THE MOVIE WAS THERE ON THE MOVABLE-THINGY that houses the suction machine.  Along with a stack of music CDs I also gave to Mama & Papa for Christmas (hymns, gorgeous classical music & More…)

… & you know what? I AM THE CULPRIT.  I put them there after Dwight unwrapped them on Christmas & totally forgot (didn’t want our copy to be confused with Other Copies opened by Others in the Fam.)

What was lost, has been FOUND…

But, get a load of THE HOW… while doing Something Good (it does actually look lots better in that corner of the living room to be Box Free, even if hidden behind a sofa, that’s actually kind of cati-cornered, like you can see the hidden stuff from the Dining Room? & the Kitchen doorway?)

There may be a lesson in this … (beyond the ‘keep looking’ – i had actually given up, even sent off a movie disc today to order it on Netflix later :  )

A lesson: we might find what we’ve lost (or have been missing) while we’re doing something else?  Something we might not necessarily Want To Do, but Do Anyway?

Not terribly profound, but there it is.

Do what ya gotta do (& keep an eye pealed for what’s lost along the way…)

the Hobbitgrace, peace & FINDERS KEEPERS

Virginia :  )

“All that is gold does not glitter…Not all who wander are lost.”   J.R.R. Tolkien

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6 Responses to …lost &…FOUND(!)

  1. vftmom247 says:

    Hmmm….this one almost could’ve been renacted in my house, except that I usually do a panicky shout-out to St. Anthony while frantically searching. Hysterical! And a very good point to keep in mind.

    • Virginia says:

      amen! i’m a groupie of St. Anthony, too – & did you realize that he was called ‘The Hammer of the Scriptures’ of his time? amazing preacher (don’t know how that relates to finding lost things, except that knowing the Scriptures helps us ‘find’ our way to God? a little better? : )

  2. jaymers says:

    How funny! We had a “found it” moment yesterday, too! I pulled out my daughter’s snow pants, which hadn’t been needed since much earlier this month. Her snow pants actually have zippable pockets, and I noticed a lump. This girl is forever picking up rocks to show me later, so I opened up the pocket and planned to extract them… only, they weren’t rocks. My dear, they were LalaLoopsy dolls. They are these small figurines (a cross between Little People figures and Polly Pocket figures, if that means anything to you!), and my poor sister-in-law had searched all over my in-law’s house for hours at Christmas time to try to locate these. Lo and behold, the search is over. I sent my SIL a text, and she said, “Woohoo! My Nancy Drew days are over!” Hahahaha. Glad you found your movie, hope it was a hit with the Saints.

    • Virginia says:

      LoL : ) Nancy Drew on a clue! that’s a good one… & we’re looking forward to viewing the movie (finangaling schedules so we can all see it together… & when we’re in the mood for a ‘serious movie’ something that can be even harder to schedule! : )

  3. Thanks for the chuckle. Been there, done that–more times than I care to remember. A little organization can be a dangerous thing.

    • Virginia says:

      ooooh, organizing & losing stuff, that’s a good one for a whole new post : ) What gets even scarier is putting things away… & not remembering you put them in their ‘place?’ (a side effect of little sleep? today it happened with the butter. I washed & cleaned the butter dish & went to get a butter to put in it & found – a butter already there? like a few mins later?? hmmn )

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