Wednesday Photographs: Amazing art, glass… CHIHULY!!!

Once again it’s Wednesday photos on Thursday (!!) …but you’re in for a treat. For real – amazing art of an entirely unique class in glass.  Like you can’t believe the beauty & creativity (off the charts ‘wow factor’  :  )

A few weeks ago my brother & i zoomed up to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond to see the special Chihuly exhibit.  We had plotted this outing for awhile (& i must confess to Very High Expectations after viewing the videos of Dale Chihuly’s center in Seattle etc.) … but the actual exhibit far exceeded anything i imagined.


So enjoy these pics,  courtesy of Dwight Woodward (& his handy iPhone : )

Chihuly boat and balls

Chihuly Persian Ceiling Persian Ceiling … (ooooh, the colors, it took 1/2 an hour to enjoy each ‘quadrant’ of the ceiling … )

Chihuly Persian celing reds

Chihuly lagoon rocks et all

The Venetian ‘Lagoon’… an inlet of unbelievable color & shapes…

Chihuly lagoon tree

Chihuly lagoon shells

Something a bit more ‘far out’ – glass & light & …spider webs?

Chihuly light scupture

To learn more about this inspirational artist, visit his website:

Chihuly artist

“I don’t know if something can be too colorful.”  Dale Chihuly

Chihuly ball


grace, peace & inspirational art

Virginia :  )



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2 Responses to Wednesday Photographs: Amazing art, glass… CHIHULY!!!

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    What full bursts of color–must have been amazing to see! -Cin

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