passione! PASSION! passione! PASSION! passione!~!

Dreary, damp & COLD outside (a few snow bursts between icy sleet downpours), but how lovely inside: sitting in a comfy chair all warm & cuddly in a soft flannel shirt, sipping hot tea, listening to ANDREA BOCELLI.

Wait, it gets better (!)  – Listening to Andrea Bocelli’s new CD ‘passione.’


As Andrea croons his gorgeous tenor vocals in six languages, the words don’t seem to matter.  It’s all about beauty, love & PASSION – his passionate voice that truly warms the heart.

Andrea Bocelli passione…And the music on this one is just TERRIFIC. yes, I am a groupie & have almost every CD compilation he’s ever made.  But, have to confess that on most a song or two usually get ‘skipped’ (or bypassed for the iTouch Bocelli playlist!) Ok, so Amore & Sacred Arias usually get full plays, but this one is beyond terrific:  Every song is Amazingly Awesomely Andrea Bocelli at his Most Inspirational (& Romantic) BEST-EST EVER!

more sighs.

It’s hard to even pick a favorite song – I like them ALL. There are several amazing diva duets (Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, Edith Piaf – excerpts of her voice in a lovely rendition of “La Vie En Rose.”) Maybe my top favorite (so far) is “In Nostro Incontro” with trumpeter Chris Botti (who is also awesomely amazing on “When I Fall In Love” and the Bonus Track – “Smile.” –yes, I am also a huge Chris Botti groupie. My brother & i saw him in an unforgettable concert awhile back..)

Then there’s  “Senza Fine” to lift your spirits – and SO MUCH MORE.  With 20 songs this CD is really loaded …(methinks it’s a ‘deluxe edition’ – so worth the extra pennies, ok, maybe a few dollars more, but wow – LOTS OF GREAT MUSIC!)

…so, while icy sleet downpours dreariness outside, my heart is roaming the Italian countryside with side trips to sunny Spain & Portugal.  As this music transports my spirits, my toes are also tapping to a few definitely danceable numbers.

PASSION!  “passione” … PASSION!!

Reality strikes – gotta dash & finish our ‘passionate dinner’ – 4 bean chili, cheese quesadillas, guacamole & Brazilian Orange Cake for dessert(!)

Grace, peace & PASSIONE

Virginia : )

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4 Responses to passione! PASSION! passione! PASSION! passione!~!

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Sounds delightful and delicious! Wish I could join you. 🙂

    • Virginia says:

      ooh, Cindy – we wish you could be here, too! ‘Twas a yummy meal (& afterward we watched “For Greater Glory” – note the Mexican menu. Wow, so powerful (the movie, altho the food was powerfully tasty!) Talk about passion…

      grace, peace & passion – gL:)

  2. jaymers says:

    I love your passion for this album and the great Andrea Bocelli!

    • Virginia says:

      Jayme, if you have a chance to give it a listen, it is totally one of his best – yet! Hopefully, there will be Many More to come. WHAT A VOICE. … & my, how inspiring he is as a Person, too (not just one of the best-est tenors in THE WORLD! : )

      grace, peace & Andrea groupies – virginia

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