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On this Fifth Sunday of Lent here are words from a beloved old hymn for our minds and hearts to contemplate, written by deeply spiritual Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890) who is now a saint! Lead, kindly Light, amid the … Continue reading

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Itzhak Perlman: Beethoven & Baseball : )

Today here’s a little humor and baseball fun in this short video from violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman…(Email readers, you know the drill. Link to Roses website to view.)   My mama was a violinist in the Norfolk Symphony before she … Continue reading

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Song Grooves: Listening to the Silence

The other day I caught up by phone with a friend who travels nonstop as part of her job. Whenever she gets a chance, she’s always off to fun places. (We are kindred spirits.) The last few months of sheltering … Continue reading

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A Retro (INSPIRATIONAL!) Song for Saturday

Under mandatory work and stay-at-home orders here in Virginia, my younger brother and I are coping. When Dwight is not here my vintage turntable usually blasts music throughout the house. He calls my vinyl collection “the Academy of Ancient 80s … Continue reading

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The other night Virginia blasted her Andrea Bocelli playlist in the kitchen while making an Italian extravaganza pasta casserole (a major production, like lasagna.) Methinks Andrea’s incredible voice and music somehow made the food taste better. (At the very least, … Continue reading

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When I think of New Zealand (as many folks here do) it’s of vast beauty from incredible scenery in the Lord of the Rings movies. The Kiwis I’ve known and worked with overseas have always been warm and hospitable (who … Continue reading

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Andrea Bocelli: A Song for Saturday

For Catholics today is one of those ‘get-your-tushi-to-church’ days (i.e., a holy day of obligation) in honor of Mary. As shared yesterday, her ‘yes’ to God is definitive for all who believe in Jesus (no matter what denomination) because without … Continue reading

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(uplifting) holiday blues

(Reader Alert: you might need a tissue at hand…) After a plethora of lovely meals and family gathering(s), blogger Virginia (who also serves as a chief cook & menu strategist for family Thanksgivings) is in recovery mode. So grateful for … Continue reading

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For friends from other countries (& here, too) these last few weeks the U.S. midterm elections have swallowed our national media’s attention for the big showdown Tuesday, November 6th. Usually not as many Americans vote in midterms (the 2-year interval … Continue reading

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Lullabies for Insomniacs : )

Blogger Virginia’s wisdom is all tapped out, what with all she shared last week(!) Plus she’s a tad wiped out from a misbehaving thyroid that occasionally makes a full night of sleep an elusive endeavor. (Sporadic sleep a well-rested blogger … Continue reading

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