Andrea Bocelli: A Song for Saturday

For Catholics today is one of those ‘get-your-tushi-to-church’ days (i.e., a holy day of obligation) in honor of Mary. As shared yesterday, her ‘yes’ to God is definitive for all who believe in Jesus (no matter what denomination) because without her faithfulness there would be no Christmas. Some folks complained because we have to go to church twice this weekend (I went to a beautiful vigil service last night) but what an opportunity – to worship God twice! in one weekend!

Onto a song for this feast day (and Saturday of Advent…)

As a longtime Andrea Bocelli groupie, watching his performance of “Fall on Me” last month with his son, Matteo, orbited my spirits right up on high. (If you missed the video’s rounds on Facebook, you can click here to see it.)

When his new album entitled “Si” subsequently came out, my brother Dwight gifted it to me as an early Christmas pressie – an inspirational gift enjoyed multiple times. (Dwight intimated this CD may need to take a vacation in an undisclosed location, as he suggested years ago for the first Josh Groban CD.)

So many favorites but here’s a YouTube of one that’s been on constant replay, “Gloria The Gift of Life,” that Andrea sings with the Voices of Haiti choir (a special project of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation & the Saint Luc Foundation in Haiti.)

“Saint Augustine said that ‘he who sings prays twice.’ It is my hope that the music on this album will offer listeners the good company of a good tune to follow, but also that it may be a chance to pray together. Good music can teach us about beauty and fellowship, and can open up our hearts and minds to higher thoughts.”  Andrea Bocelli (liner notes, ‘Si’)

Andrea Bocelli’s holiday album, “My Christmas,” is also a treasured musical treat. Filled with fun favorites and sacred music, we played it often for Mama and Papa.

Listening to it now brings back precious memories.

Every year while I put up the tree, Mama & Papa (holding hands) would watch the DVD of the ‘My Christmas’ concert with Andrea, David Foster and a host of special guests (including the Muppets.)

If you have a chance to give it a watch, it’s a wonderful celebration.

grace, peace & songs for Saturday (& every day)

Virginia : )

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4 Responses to Andrea Bocelli: A Song for Saturday

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Blessing and joy to you this Christmas season!

  2. Debbie says:

    Love the quote by Bocelli — I’ve long believed that to be true (and wonder how folks can sit like lumps in church without singing!?!) I, too, heard a lot of complaints about “having” to go to Mass twice in one day, but gee, a little inconvenience now and then is good for us all!

    • Virginia says:

      Andrea Bocelli’s liner notes for each song on ‘Si’ are so inspirational (& interesting) I read them all. To me singing in church (or humming gospel tunes @ home) are acts of worship, opportunities to praise God. Like St. Augustine said, praying twice! Blessings Debbie! 🎶🙏🎶

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