It’s Monday night (a little late), so here’s a very short Lenten Challenge quote to contemplate about PRAYER:

“Prayer is not talking God into things…

Prayer is learning how to receive, how to wait, listen, possess something…

Your desire to pray is God in your heart. 

Pray for the desire to desire.”

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM (The Price of Peoplehood)

i really like that last line – to pray for the desire TO desire.  That’s sort of part of my daily prayers  – when saying the ‘Our Father’  (may Your Will be done…) i always ask God to align my desires with His desires.  hmmn, maybe that needs new phrasing – that God will make His desires our desires…

grace, peace & DESIRES

Virginia : )

p.s. wow.  From Passion to Desire-  methinks there must be a connection??

p.s.2  – if you want to learn more about Fr. Rohr,  click here to read his blog…

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6 Responses to …prayer…

    • Virginia says:

      Thanx so much, Miss Gwen!! i like it too (& have been a groupie of Fr. Rohr for EONS.. some of his stuff is way over my head, but this & his social justice writings are amazing. – grace to you & Pepper!

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