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Evicting Extra Baggage @ Advent

As we travel to the Inn of Bethlehem on our Advent journey, are we carrying too much baggage? Do we need to empty our pockets of resentments and heavy fears bogging us down? Can we order up a heavenly dump … Continue reading

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…easter alleluias…

CHRIST IS RISEN!!! Alleluia, Alleluia… 40+ days ago we began our Lenten journey in the desert looking for the embrace of Christ & landed yesterday in eternal waterfalls of His love and mercy that never run dry. Through the Cross … Continue reading

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Oh Deer!!!

Today while Mama & i were working on stuff in the kitchen we looked out to behold the most amazing site — deer, lots of deer, hanging out in our snowy yard.  Grabbing my handy iPhone i stuck my nose … Continue reading

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It’s Monday night (a little late), so here’s a very short Lenten Challenge quote to contemplate about PRAYER: “Prayer is not talking God into things… Prayer is learning how to receive, how to wait, listen, possess something… Your desire to … Continue reading

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