Oh Deer!!!

Today while Mama & i were working on stuff in the kitchen we looked out to behold the most amazing site — deer, lots of deer, hanging out in our snowy yard.  Grabbing my handy iPhone i stuck my nose out the back door … they looked up.  And kept munching.

deer 2This posse of deer kept coming back & forth across the woods behind us – we counted at least 20 of them. Unbelievable. Observing them in the winter silence made me grateful to God, our Heavenly Creator, for the wonders abounding around us.

We had wondered during this week of sub-zero weather, how the deer would fare? we usually see 3 or 4 – sometimes 6 or 7 at a time, but we’ve never seen so many together.  As they traipsed back & forth for an hour or so behind us, they kept as a group – i saw one deer waiting for one of the littlest to catch up when the rest had gone on. Maybe that’s how they stay warm, by hanging out together?

deer oneLenten application?  Seeing these deer today made me think about our amazing Creator (like how do deer know when we’re watching? Even through the glass window when usually we run to see them, i tell you, they know we’re there — their heads turn our way, their ears perk up & they stare at us! )    Maybe the deer can’t see us, but somehow they know we’re there. It’s kind of like faith. Lent is all about faith, so here’s something for our minds to munch on tonight.

“Faith is faith is faith.  And God can only be known by faith (see Romans 3-5)… Faith is finally to stand in nothingness, with nothing to prove and nothing to protect, knowing itself in an ever-alive charity that urges us to surrender, to let go, to give away, to hand over, to forgive, to walk across, to take no offense, to trust another, to lose oneself – while being quite sure that we are going to find ourselves afterward.”  

Fr. Richard Rohr (from Radical Grace)

grace, peace & deer groupies

 Virginia : )

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2 Responses to Oh Deer!!!

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Beautifully written … how special to see that many deer at one time!

    • Virginia says:

      ‘Twas totally amazing! So glad we looked up from what we were doing to see them – there were lots of little ones mixed in with the adolescent crowd. Lots of grace, peace & deerwatchers — gL

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