…perplexity & prayer….

Once again it’s LATE (or ‘early’ depending on your perspective!) & of course, Virginia the Blogger had plotted to share a picture of Mt. Tabor (re: the Gospel today of the Transfiguration).. but since that picture must be FOUND (it’s around here somewhere, but not, as hoped, already scanned into The Computer…) we shall just have to leave that for Another Day..

INSTEAD, here’s something kinda weird-ish that happened on the way driving home from church this evening.  Have you ever felt like the sky was falling out? Like, from beneath you? …when all those fears you scamper around just hit – BLAM –  & your heart all of sudden feels squashed under the weight of the weighty stuff weighing your spirits DOWN?

That’s seems like a Real Good Time to pray… so, after a few frantic moments fervently Asking God For Help… you know what?  it was like Scripture tennis… verse after verse pinged back at each specific Downer, with the Grand Slam from Proverbs:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, & HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATHS.”  (Proverbs 3:5-6)

amen. … & so my heart said, “AMEN”… & the Dark Clouds Lifted & there was joy, instead… Kind of like the flowers in this pic with desolation all around.

WY5 Iron Spring Creek (2)
“Trouble & perplexity drive us to prayer, and prayer driveth away trouble & perplexity.”  Philip Melanchthon (1497-1560)

grace, peace & PRAYER(s)

     Virginia : )

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8 Responses to …perplexity & prayer….

  1. Mark says:

    Sheer dependence is healthy, but scary!

    Reminds of the Hudson Taylor quote re “it matters not how great the pressure is but rather where it lies . . . whether it comes between us and God or whether it presses us closer to His heart.”

    • Virginia says:

      Mark – thanks for the quote. i like the image of pressing closer to the Heart of Jesus. Beautiful!
      FYI, Mama & Papa watched a DVD on Hudson Taylor on Sunday : )

  2. Billy Boy says:

    Prov. 3:5-6 was what my father gave to me when I set out to work in Jerusalem, and it’s mighty and powerful. Also recognize your picture of Black Sand Basin from your trip here to Yellowstone! Looking forward to your Mt. Tabor pic, so keep looking. Blessings!

    • Virginia says:

      The Mt. Tabor pics have been found (& will be posted SOON : ) — Oh Sa’id Bill, i can picture Papa Bill charging you with these powerful verses. It’s amazing how many times they play like a recording in my head (may because it’s so hard to understand life’s hard stuff??)
      oooh – the trip visiting you in Yellowstone was INCREDIBLE. Will never forget that grand time with you in “God’s Country.” : ) – Blessings to you (lots & lots – hugs included!)

  3. Carol-Jo says:

    Praying for you dear one

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you so much Carol-Jo. Prayers are so welcome & needed (!!) … God is so good (all the time) as Most of the Time the sky is Rather Blue & stays up high (vs. collapsing under me…) But, He’s there when it’s blue & He’s there when i’m unglued (to glue the pieces of our hearts back together again.) Yaaaaay God!

      grace, peace & PRAYERS – Virginia : )

  4. Cindy Kranich says:

    Ginny, a seminary professor friend used to always say, “the battle rages” when asked how he was doing lest we forget we are in a war. We need scripture in our arsenal so we can wield it’s sword when under attack. Sounds like your arsenal is filled up. Love you, Sis! That’s a great quote by Melanchthon. Thanks for sharing, Cin

    • Virginia says:

      Thanx so much Cin – & i am so glad for all those Scriptures drilled into our heads at NCH. It’s amazing how the Word of God is really like a sword (vs. a tennis racket!) or a shield when those Downer gremlins tear at our spirits. My arsenal could use some new topping off – it seems harder as we get older to memorize (it takes me lots longer) but that’s a good thing to add a verse or two to Lent …

      Love you (lots!) – grace, peace & perplexity busters – Gin : )

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