It’s World Water Day!, so here’s my take on it (again…)

Roses in the Rubble

As we commemorate World Water Day there is certainly lots to celebrate. Since this day began 19 years ago many more people (2 billion) have access to safe water globally.  Yaaay! However, 11% of the world’s population (mostly in the poorest countries) still do not have access.

11% of 7 billion people. Do the math. That is still too many people.

There are many reasons for this: drought, arid regions made more arid by desertification, polluted natural water resources, expensive price tags (where people live on less than $1/day the costs of wells & water systems are prohibitive), conflict & water apartheid (in some places one group fills up swimming pools while the other group has barely enough to drink!)

Do you think about the scarcity of water as you fill your tub, wash your car, or flood your swimming pool?

Or hey, how ’bout that glass of cold icewater…

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