Roses in the Rubble

Since this week we commemorate World Water Day, today’s photographs are all about WATER, a resource many of us (myself included) often take for granted. After living places where every drop had to count (managing a ‘shower’ & washing my hair with a 1 litre bottle of water) & then coordinating a safe-water initiative for 14 countries (during a globetrotting job) I so appreciate that water is a lifeline for people & communities.

After visiting Uganda & seeing this water source that served a village (not safe water by a long shot), I took this picture & then put it up on my office wall as a daily reminder when the going got tough (writing proposals to raise $18 million for every kind of water project you can imagine.) How would you like to drink from this source?

Then there’s the issue of accessing water sources, the time and labor…

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