Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ….

Dashing to the Easter Vigil service – one of my favorites of the whole year (& also the longest, hence this quickie post as last year did not get home until well after midnight!)  

As we end our Lenten fasts & begin our Easter celebrations of Resurrected Love, here’s a quote from Saint Benedict (of Nursia) to contemplate:

“Jesus is life and power, and as soon as He enters in, He awakens my slumbering soul; He stirs and soothes and pierces my heart, for before it was hard as stone and diseased.  So He has begun to pluck out and destroy, to build up and to plant, to water dry places and illuminate dark ones; to open what was closed and to warm what was cold; to make the crooked straight and the rough places smooth, so that my soul may bless the Lord, and all that is with me may praise His Holy Name.”    Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict also said we should strive to “prefer nothing to Christ”  – “ut in omnia glorficetur Deo” – that in ALL things God may be glorified.

Christ in you & me, the Hope of Glory – GOD’S GLORY..

White Rose Galilee (2)

grace, peace & Easter Joy (& LOVE : )


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2 Responses to Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ….

  1. Carol-Jo says:


  2. Shere Perry says:

    Beatiful quote! Thank you for sharing it sweet sister! What a wonderful Easter celebration this year! May we keep Easter in our hearts all throughout the year! Hugs!

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