The Easter Bunny (a REAL one!) … & Marmalade Cakes

Easter bunny insideI do not know the why of how the Easter Bunny got mixed up in the religious celebration of  the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, but for Some Reason the Easter Bunny gets Very Busy just before Easter Sunday making Easter baskets filled with Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs, Jelly Beans & Other Goodies (my basket was Especially Good this year with special treats from Mad About Chocolate – oh What Bliss after a Long Lenten fast from the the beautiful taste of CHOCOLATE!) 

However they arrive, Easter baskets are usually QUITE Yummy AND Fun!!!

Google-ing the Easter Bunny to see what’s what (click here to read a fully researched summary) …’ tis so very interesting that the Lutherans started it … the Easter Bunny treat-bearing tradition, that is.  The rabbit, however, played a role in  medieval religious art often symbolizing the Virgin Mary or the Trinity …


Even More Cool since this year Something Extraordinary happened: the Easter Bunny came to the Woodward Home FOR REAL.  Whilst baking a very special Easter Cake (more on that later) – i looked out the kitchen window to see THE EASTER BUNNY IN OUR BACK YARD munching away through his lunch of our green grass.

After taking a few pics through our kitchen windows…

Easter bunny from window

I ventured outside. Instead of hurriedly hopping away, the Easter Bunny preenishly posed for a good 20 minutes while i crept around (camera in hand) clicking away to within 3 feet of him.  (What a good sport!)

Easter Bunny outside

Check out his cute bunny tail!!  :  )

Easter bunny from side

… After my photo-op  interruption, he went back to munching his lunch.

Easter bunny eating grass


Easter bunny portrait


Easter lilies

grace, peace & Easter Joy (more of)

Virginia : )

p.s. oops, will have to share about The Marmalade Cake tomorrow …. (’twas too much fun choosing bunny pics from Sunday’s huge photo haul : )

Easter Hawk

p.s.2 …  hopefully our precious Easter Bunny will not be caught unawares by the Red Shouldered Hawk who frequents our mailbox… & environs…


Last summer we so enjoyed watching a cute small bunny hop about our back yard from just a wee size to mid size.  Then one day my Mama saw a hawk fly down &  snatch that poor wee bunny with its sharp talons & carry it away.

The wee bunny was seen no more…        : (

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6 Responses to The Easter Bunny (a REAL one!) … & Marmalade Cakes

  1. John Paine says:

    Would you mind posting the recipe for marmalade cakes? 😉

    • Virginia says:

      Oh yes, found a link to share with the now-to-be added Marmalade Cake post …Wait ’til you see the pics of The Cake!! Oooooooh, aaahhhhh …

      Happy Easter week John!! – grace, peace & Easter cake – Virginia : )

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    Awww …great pics, Ginny! 🙂

  3. jaymers says:

    I love that the Easter Bunny visited your house! How sweet. Great photos!

  4. Awww they’re lovely! x

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