Our hearts: free or frozen?

Something for our minds to munch on this 4th day of Advent.  It’s a simple thought, but take a sec (or two) to contemplate..

“God is greater than our heart; who dares try to restrict His movement?” 

St. Francis de Sales

If our hearts have been pummeled to bits, or broken, or frozen with fear to try again (love, that joy thing, deep peace vs. splintering pieces) … how can we box God in when He wants to blast us out?  (of our fears, brokenness, chaos, despair…)

…just ‘sayin, ’tis something to think about..

The Galilee flowers

grace, peace & open hearts


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2 Responses to Our hearts: free or frozen?

  1. Dean Woodward says:

    I’m loving these, Ginny! From your heart to mine. Great to hear how God is ministering to you. Love you.


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