Dreary Day Doldrums

Dark gray skies + damp cold drizzles = a dreary day.   It’s easy to sink into dreary day doldrums (especially when tucked under warm blankies) … how to get out?  (of bed?! and the doldrums!?)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes dreary days drag me down. down. down.  A week or so ago we had a spate of dreary, cold days.  Dragging droopy spirits into the car, i set off for necessary errand rounds.

Yes, i prayed in the morning (the usual) asking God for grace, peace, wisdom, and JOY (also included the daily request for holy hilarity)… but still, dreary day doldrums have a way of seeping in …

Unless we use SPIRITUAL JUMPER CABLES.  For my international buddies (& non-auto savvy friends), jumper cables can revive a dead car battery (when plugged into another power source,)  So whilst driving about, this idea jumped me – we need spiritual jumper cables to fight the dreary day doldrums.

….as a new Ladysmith Black Mambazo CD blasted out the most amazing rendition of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, my spirits grooved up & up… i couldn’t stop singing (@ the grocery store, the check out gal said how much she like the song, too : )

(Click here for a YouTube version – you can hear the audio of LBM with China Black)


There are, of course, other forms of spirit-lifting jumper cables.  This afternoon (another DREARY COLD YUCKY DAY) my Mama & i decided to actively fight the doldrums by bundling out to the Mad About Chocolate Shop for some amazing European deliciously dark hot chocolate.


sigh. it worked(!)


grace, peace & doldrums busters

Virginia : )

p.s. photos brought to you by Virginia’s new iPhone – her antique cell phone has now retired… & these are the 1st pics (drum roll) from the new phone!!!  kinda cool!

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4 Responses to Dreary Day Doldrums

  1. Shere perry says:

    Sounds like really good and tasty jumper cables you and Mom found! Yaay! Chocolate is def a good pick me up on a dreary day! You GO SIS! And Mom is our new “let’s GO GIRL”! I LOVE it! There’s some real fun going on at 206 Castle Lane these days! I KNOW Dad would be so thrilled at all the creative fun y’all are having… You honor him by loving and taking such amazing care of Mom! Love you Sis!!!

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks Shere! We are having a grand time of it & it’s a blessing to zoom Mama on on nice days, too (like Monday’s balmy 70 degrees+, we wheelchaired from the Campus Bookstore up to the Capitol on D.O.G. street & back -a truly glorious day! : )
      As with Papa, each day life is a gift… & after Mama’s scary falls, we celebrate each opportunity as she is one fall away from immobility : (

      Lots of grace, peace & Mama outings
      gL : )

  2. Shere perry says:

    P.S. SO excited about your new phone! Yaay! Finally entered the land of sending pics and fast texting ect…I was counting days til your contract was due for new phone… You hung in there waiting… Oh frugal Sister! Yaay!

    • Virginia says:

      I know YOU (the texting QUEEN) are very excited that your sis is now able to receive your messages & pics et all. YAAAAY. . And now, maybe you will get pics FROM ME!


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