Love in the sand… (uh, a good kind of love)

Here’s a quote for our minds (& hearts) to munch on this second day of Advent:

“Love invites us to move forward without numbing ourselves to reality, without being like ostriches burying their heads in the sand in face of failure and mistakes.  Love invites us to accept that in our very weakness is all the potential needed to reconstruct our lives, to be reconciled with each other, and to grow.”   Pope Francis

If we’re sinking in the sand, (before burying our heads like ostriches,) let’s ask Christ to equip us with courage to face the messy realities of our lives.   With St. Paul we can then claim: “i can do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens me,” (even find love, God’s kind of love, in the sand around us.)

Pemba starfish in ocean low tideInstead of ostriches, let’s be like the starfish….

Pemba starfish closeup with edge borders

…& if  earthly tides have left us high & dry, may our Heavenly Creator engulf us with heavy-duty tides of His love.

Pemba beach with treegrace, peace & sandy love grooves

     Virginia : )

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