GIFTS …and Gifts…

Gifts (the giving of) and Gifts (the receiving of) are a big part of this holiday season.  We spend a great deal of time, or too little time (if busy schedules make us Christmas Eve shoppers), trying to find gifts for our loved ones, friends and colleagues.

As you dodge in & out of shops searching for that elusive gift for that special someone on your Christmas list (or as you pore over internet options), remember the reason for season.

Yep, i know that’s cliche, but can’t hurt to remind ourselves that Christmas is about God’s gift to us:  JESUS.

But, what about our gifts to God?  We give many gifts to each other, but have we thought about what we want to give God this year?

We could offer our hearts, minds and spirits …

Maybe that sounds like a lot, so, let’s start with a simple gift.

Freedom.  To be FREE …to BE… happy for others, happy TO others.

It’s not about us, it’s about GOD… & maybe God has blessed our family & friends with special gifts this year.  Let’s rejoice with them.  Be glad (life is not a competition!)

Part of this freedom thing is sharing joy – the joy we carry in our hearts because Christmas is really there.

So if we’re in line, we can try smiling at the harried cashier & the cranky folks in front or behind us.  A smile is a gift (especially if our feet & spirits are worn out) – but we can do it, with God’s grace… and see what happens.  (By adding a Christmas carol hum, you may get a hum-a-long going & the line wait may dissipate with a little holiday cheer : )

There are so many gifts we can give God – our time, so very precious at this time of year, but give-able if we make an effort for extra prayers, a little more worship, special times of adoration, quiet times in the Scriptures…

…we can schedule (or ‘just do it’) small acts of kindness…

…maybe we don’t have a zillion $$, but we could give up a week of Starbucks holiday drinkies to give something extra to our favorite cause (that hopefully helps others..)

It’s a question to consider as we write out our Christmas gift lists …nothing is too small.

“There are many people who can do big things.  But there are very few people who will do the small things. Even if you write a letter for a blind man or you just go and sit and listen, or you take the mail for him, or you visit somebody or bring a flower to somebody – small things – or wash clothes, or clean house.  We are so small we look at things in a small way. But God, being Almighty, sees everything great.”    Mother Teresa

Tree lights

grace, peace & GIFTS

Virginia : )

p.s. my brother & I just saw the movie, “Exodus,” with Christian Bale et all. (Nice sister Shere gave the gift of her time this afternoon to hang out with Mama since Dwight had off!)  Contrary to expectations (Noah, groan, groan), it’s actually quite a good movie. Excellent actors & acting. It gives deep meaning to the word: FREEDOM.

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1 Response to GIFTS …and Gifts…

  1. TMH says:

    One can never go wrong quoting Mother Teresa. Thumbs up!

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