walking, walking….

Here’s a quickie quote for our minds to munch on:

“Sometimes we think that if the Lord comes into our lives, He will change us.  Yes, we do change: it is called conversion.  But He does not act ‘like a fairy with a magic wand.’  No, He gives you the grace and He says, as He said to everyone He healed: GO, walk.”   Pope Francis

… if that walking by faith thing scares just a little, just remember Bill Murray in the classic “What about Bob” movie:


If we’re not grooving to massive strides (like my older brother Dean, who at 6’7″ is hard to keep up with – growing up 4 of my steps = one of his!)  just keep in mind baby steps are ok.

Actually baby steps can be a very good thing, especially when we’re bowled over by life’s curve balls or enormitude (enormous magnitude) of injustices & global challenges, it’s a good idea to take a small step.  Do what’s right in front of you, the next thing.  It might be small, but that’s how we change.. and how things get changed.

just sayin’, change may be hard, but one tiny step at a time, maybe not-as-hard.

(after all, Jesus said, “walk“…. not ‘run’  : )

grace, peace & faith walking

Virginia : )

NC Gr Mt feet

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2 Responses to walking, walking….

  1. Dean Woodward says:

    Awesome Ginny! Thank you and love you!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Virginia says:

      Hey Dean – it STILL is hard keeping up with you (in more ways than one!) Have always looked ‘up’ to you (in more ways than one! 🙂 Love you, brother!!

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