Light in Darkness

Tonight we had the unique experience of seeing Memorial Park, where our dear Papa’s grave lies, lit up with 2,000 candles.  As my brother Dwight drove Mama & I around it was amazing to see bags & bags of small candles placed on both sides of the roadway around the park. They literally ‘lit up’ the path (the park is always closed at night, so it’s really dark – this was a special occasion..)  Kinda surreal … but comforting.

Light in the darkness….  we remember Papa, his love & laughter & joy & the way he reflected the light of Jesus Christ to us & to so many, day in & day out.

We miss him!  Oh, how we miss him.  But we know he is in the Presence of Everlasting Light…  Jesus Christ.

BG tree of lights greenNever was fount so clear,
undimmed and bright;
From it alone, I know proceeds all light
although ’tis night.”

Saint John of the Cross

grace, peace & LIGHT


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2 Responses to Light in Darkness

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Wish I could have been there with you at Memorial Park for that display of lights…Dad’s light is shining bright!! xoxo

  2. Virginia says:

    It was really unique …illumination & consolation at the same time. You are so right, Dad’s light is shining bright, indeed! Miss you & so grateful to God for you. Grace, Peace & Big Hugs — gL : )

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