red bushes blooming in the snow

Here’s the photo I wanted to share yesterday (found it! a day late!) to show that after bleak mid-wintery days the sun does (eventually) shine. That is definitely a comforting thought when the bleaks creak us down.

snowy bush (2)But there’s more to take away from this photo.  It’s not a red rose blooming in winter, but a red bush (kinda sorta close.)  Seeing the beauty of this red bush in the snow reminds us to REJOICE!  It’s a happy sort of bush, still blooming with color in the cold of winter.

Isn’t that what Advent is all about?  Light in the darkness?  Joy to the World?

God’s Son-Light (Jesus Christ) helping us see beauty around us & within us:

red bushes blooming in the snow.

grace, peace & Advent beauty

     Virginia : )

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2 Responses to red bushes blooming in the snow

  1. TMH says:

    Actually, with a 65 degree day here, I wouldn’t mind at least one snow event before spring kicks in. But I appreciate your message of hope, V!

    • Virginia says:

      65 sounds grand, Tim – this morning it’s a balmy18 degrees here! We’ve had more than our snow quota for the year here (schools already missed 7 days for snow.) Spring! Spring! Spring! 💨🌾☀️🌷☀️😎

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