No Room in the Inn ? ?

This morning while listening to The Blind Boys of Alabama’s Talking Christmas compilation, the lyrics to their song “No Room in the Inn” jumped me.  When Joseph brought Mary to Bethlehem, there was ‘no room in the Inn, only a stable would do.’

Gotta think a sec, why did God choose to let His Son be born in a stable? vs. a shiny clean palace of the most ornate sort?

Stables are messy affairs (manure lying about comes to mind.)  If stables are mucked out regularly maybe they’re not so bad, but usually animals tend toward smelliness.

Our world is also rather messy (wars, violence, environmental misdeeds) – some things haven’t changed in 2,000+ years.  Maybe that’s why God chose a stable, to send His pure Light into the messy (that needs cleaning, fixing & saving.)

Our hearts can sometimes be like stables – filled with manure.  Advent is a chance to let God muck it out.  Get rid of what’s rotten in our minds (un-forgiveness, harsh judgement, the loads of trash we’ve let in…)

Don’t we want our hearts to be clean for the Christ-Child @ Christmas? Swept & tidy? No manure or trash lying about?

‘just sayin’… God’s mercy is everlasting (thank You LORD!!) Maybe we need a little quality time emptying out our heart trash, so we can be free in God’s mercy grooves to make better lodgings (penthouse vs. stables) for Christ to dwell within our Heart Inns.

W Inn 12 15 14grace, peace & Heart Inns (Inc.)

      Virginia  : )

p.s. Click here to hear a YouTube of the Blind Boys of Alabama’s No Room in the Inn song (& if your heart needs spiritual jumper cables, check out the Merry Christmas song & “Do You Hear What i Hear?”  : )

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2 Responses to No Room in the Inn ? ?

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    That’s a great exhortation, Ginny! Look forward to listening to the song … thanks for including link. Blessings!

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks for your encouragement Cin~! You know me & animals ( : – allergies, allergies).. & my sensitive nose! Hope you can give the song a listen, plus some of the others you can hear for Christmas (for sure! – i keep pulling a ‘Cindy’ playing the 1st two over again!: )

      looking forward to Tuesday!!!! grace, peace & countdowns – gL

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