small acts of kindness

What does it mean to be kind?

Kin” and “kindred” connote family. Kindred spirits are of like minds and hearts.

To be kind means to treat others like my kin, like family, with respect, care and compassion. To be and do something nice for them.

With all the derogatory, divisive rhetoric going on now in the U.S.A (& around the world), we could use more acts of kindness.

A smile.  A warm greeting. (In the south where I’m from, that’s a given…)

A look in the eye that says, ‘hey you, we may look different, but I value you – you are precious in God’s sight and precious to me.’

Folks are scared these days.

African Americans are afraid.  Police are afraid. Red-headed white chicks are afraid!

But we are all kin – whatever our hue – human kindred.  Human beings of human doings that sometimes leave us undone.

Looking around it might all seem too big for one person to do anything that matters.

Big acts begin with small acts done all the time.

Small acts of kindness …

Today I experienced an act of kindness when I went to get the mail.

Kindness mailerEach month I receive a devotional guide that I read every morning & evening. For some reason my August issue went astray, but a kind person took the trouble to mail it on to me.  This required an envelope and new postage ($2.20).  I was so touched & grateful to receive this (it would have been missed!)  There was no return address to send a thank you.  Whoever did this act of kindness, THANK YOU!

There are so many ways we can make small acts of kindness that benefit others. Holding doors open? Not rushing to close elevator doors when others are coming but here’s an idea, holding them open?

Returning from our Canada trip, I wrote many Trip Advisor reviews to recognize excellence, but also to help family owned eateries, businesses, hotels.  It gobbled up a bit of time, but blessed to do it.  Local restaurants appreciate a good word, too – taking 5 minutes to write a review can make a difference.

Is kindness a reflex?  After taking care of my Mama, it has become a reflex to offer assistance when I see an elderly lady struggling with packages, or getting across a street. It’s an honor to help because it’s like helping Mama.

I still have a ways to go (running late for appointments I’m the one who tends to zap the elevator doors closed like lightning.)  But there are always opportunities if we’re on the lookout for them – like the act of kindness that touched my heart today.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”  Mark Twain

grace, peace & kindness grooves

 Virginia : )

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3 Responses to small acts of kindness

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    This is a good word, Ginny … Hope all of us take it to heart and let the kindness of our forgiving Savior flow thru us in tangible ways. 🙂

  2. TMH says:

    Virginia: you know, I never thought of it this way, but yes, taking the time to give a thumbs-up online review for the smaller business folks–those are acts of kindness.
    This post: Nice, nice set of thoughts.

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks, Tim. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but doing Trip Advisor (et all) reviews really helps local eateries, B&Bs, site attractions, coffee shops. I tend to do them after a big trip, but living in a touristy town (Williamsburg, VA) it’s helpful here, too. Cheers! 🙂

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