Food for Thought

Yesterday morning when I told my brother that home-made mashed potatoes were on our dinner menu, I added, “Shere (our big sis) makes the best mashed potatoes. My mashed potatoes are never as good as hers.”

Dwight immediately quipped, “Practice makes perfect.”

mashed-potatoesTaking his helpful advice, I practiced with these vegan mashed potatoes made with olive oil & coconut milk. Not as amazing as my sister’s, but still, a tasty try (all plates scraped.) Plus, the new pecan-mushroom stuffing was pretty fabulous (in the cook’s sated opinion.)

Gotta love Dwight’s quick comeback. Since he really likes mashed potatoes, his helpfully-hopeful advice could be considered slightly self-interested. However, whether it’s food, music, sports, public speaking, or loving our neighbors?

It’s something to keep in mind: practice makes perfect.

Hmmn, maybe not perfect (memories of missed soccer goals come to mind), but practice can make us better than if we didn’t try at all.

Just ‘sayin.

grace, peace & practice, practice

Virginia : )

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”  Mahatma Gandhi

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9 Responses to Food for Thought

  1. mary r dunlap says:

    Hi Virginia, I’ve heard it also said, Practice makes Progress. A goal we can all attain! Blessings and Peace to you and Dwight.

    • Virginia says:

      That’s an even better mantra, Mary! I shared your advice with Dwight. His reply? My mashed potatoes are now “progressive potatoes!” 🙂 Blessings to you & Dave & your clan. (peace, grace & joy inclusive 🙂

      • mymary0913 says:

        The goal at least being progress not perfection. Perfection is so hard to maintain… ❤ Happy Valentines Day!

  2. I could go for some VMPs w/OO and CM . . . in the meantime, keep practicing, GL!

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks Mark — the vegan mashed potatoes are really lite (but DW had to add lots of salt since I’m off that, too) & super easy. I dusted off a fabulous potato masher Milder Tabor gave me years ago — they come out fluffy every time (whether vegan or no…) Next time you visit we’ll put them on the menu!

      Grace & peace & veganites of the world uniting – GL : )

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    It all sounds delicious 😋

    • Virginia says:

      They were really yummy, Cin, but the vegan pecan mushroom stuffing turned out even yummier. Will definitely try again when you to visit.

      Lots of grace, peace & progressive potatoes — Gin 🙂

  4. TMH says:

    I’m in Dwight’s corner.

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