that love ‘thang

Once again, it’s Valentine’s Day.

In stores, emails, tweets – it’s all LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  Mushy sentiment to the masses. Sweethearts and sweet tarts (do they still make those little heart-shaped ones?)

The thing is, maybe there’s no sweetheart in your life right now (or partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, loving kangaroo?) So, what’s up with getting down on Valentines?

This down can be a real downerlike the nobody-loves-me insecure one that vies with the bonanza of big-time bashed-up relationships. When fittingly fleeting ghosts of lost chances lurking in the dark corners of our memories put in an appearance, the downer dives lower.


The thing is, there are all kinds of love. Love is not just kisses, romance and that life-commitment love ‘thang. (Although, it must be stated: commitment is a rather important ingredient of the love ‘thang that lasts… and lasts.)

There’s friendshippy love: the comfortable sort that hangs out with us dressed up or dressed down. (When we’re into frowns or jumping up & down.)

Then there’s parental love, the kind that lifts our skinned knees, bruised hearts and pimply insecurities with super-sized hugs and supportive arms that never let go.

So much more to say about different aspects of that love ‘thang, but instead of getting the Valentine blues (a hazardous potential for singletons and single-agains), why not think about how our love can lift others?

As previously shared, my Mama wrote love notes she slipped stealthily under our doors. (They mean even more now – we miss her so much!) But, one night during my care-giving gig I slipped an I-love-you note under her door. When I went into my parents’ room the next day, the note stood proudly framed on a prominent shelf.

mama-framed-gl-noteNeedless to say, it now stands on my shelf as a reminder of what a hastily scribbled note meant to my precious Mama. ‘Twas humbling, that.

How many times do we think about saying or writing the words: I love you? Or, hey, if that’s hard to communicate, just a ‘luv ya? Or, if that’s too uncomfortable, sharing a smile filled with lots of affection? (not a freaky smile, but an affirming one? or you can, like me, draw highly sophisticated smiley faces.)  🙂

Whatever our comfort levels, we may need to focus on sharing that love ‘thang a little more freely in these crazy times.

“That is what we are here for: to bring love like a searing weapon against the dark, and to do so without fanfare and applause, without a care for sneers.”  Brian Doyle

Now, here’s a Valentine’s treat for everyone (& I mean everyone!) My sister, Cindy, reached out with a singleton blues-busting gift a few years back. Everyone benefited as our new gift paraded all around the house leaving a wake of joyful giggles.

(Video brought to you by Virginia’s iPhone – her first attempt!)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!

grace, peace & hoppin’ love from Hippy the Frog

Virginia : )

p.s. The very cool owl pillows pictured in the video (staged for VA’s iPhone) were created by Leanne, an amazing artist in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, using soft felt made from recycled plastic water bottles. Dwight & I have been collecting her pillows at MarsCon & RavenCon the past few years (we have several more not pictured – Hippy’s staging area was only so big!) But you can check our her Studio Arethusa samplings online by clicking here:

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6 Responses to that love ‘thang

  1. says:

    Love it and Love YOU!  Happy Valentine’s Day,Bill

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    So heart warming … can’t believe Mr. 🐸 can still dance❣Cin

    • Virginia says:

      Mr. ‘ole ‘ole Frog still has his moves that still makes us laugh! I remember when you gifted him to us, just a few weeks before Papa passed. How we all laughed(!) Many thanks for the gift that keeps on giving … gL 🙂

  3. TMH says:

    Good line: “There’s friendshippy love: the comfortable sort that hangs out with us dressed up or dressed down.”

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks, Tim. You know it’s a good friend when (as gals) we can hang out together without our makeup on? (Not sure what the male equivalent to that is?) 🙂

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