Purposeful Cycling: Riding My PURPLE BIKE!

“A cyclist is someone who is seriously involved in cycling. A person riding a bike is, well, a person riding a bike. Cyclists use the word “cycling” to indicate that they are engaging in a Serious Activity, not just a ride down to the coffee shop.”  (Google)

Taking a breather from all the doom and gloom beckoning at the corners of our globe, Virginia is dishing up fitness fare today: the joys of cycling and riding a bike.

Consider cyclists bedecked in seriously tight biker gear on narrow bikes zipping as fast as they can down the road. Then, there’s Virginia on her purple bike enjoying the scenery, pedaling, but not so fast as to miss anything: blue birds, woodpeckers, trees, deer, turtles (& the occasional shirtless scenic joggersby.)

It’s a careful thing not to crash (a cycling hazard.)

My purple bike reemerged from a loooong hibernation after an automobile accident awhile back jostled almost-behaving neck discs into misbehaving again. (More details? Click here: Crash! Smash! Bamboozled.)

Cycling the last two months has been exhilarating, but, let’s face it, also a difficult task getting lax muscles back into shape (after their long hibernation.) Bike trails have made it a joyful endeavor (despite reticent muscles) because they are so beautiful.

Last week while pedaling to access the trail on this wooded entryway, 12 deer leapt across the path, including several little Bambis like this one.

It felt like being inside a story, like Tolkien’s LOTR!

Turtles are usually out sunning themselves.

We’re blessed with an amazing 52 mile bike trail that goes from Williamsburg to Richmond, the capital of our state (hence the name: Virginia Capital Trail.) We can access it from the back of our neighborhood, but there are choices:

one direction leads to long bridges and hills (extremely hard ones)

and the other direction leads to flat farmland,

more wide bridges,

and also out to Jamestown Island.

Which is a lovely ride, especially the causeway where there’s a marsh on one side & the James River on the other side.

Occasionally, there’s a sighting of the ferry to (& from) Surry County.

@ Jamestown there’s a 3 mile loop, and a 5 mile loop around the island. If you have a chance to check out Jamestown’s cool digs (literally), there’s cutting edge archeology & historical sites to visit.

My neighbor Laurin (who is in GREAT SHAPE) said the hilly way was hard. The first time I tried it, I almost cried. Had to turn around 15 minutes in. But now I can make it with lots of huffing, puffing and all-encompassing exerted pedaling.

My muscles may feel like jelly after, but it’s a beautiful ride. There’s a sense of accomplishment putting muscles through their paces, getting stronger so next time it’s not so hard (in theory, anyway.)

For Virginia & her purple bike cycling is a Serious Activity: getting atrophied muscles in shape, taking on hard hills, and chiseling pounds away. But it’s one meant to be enjoyed, a chance to hang out with nature, fellowship with friends & family when riding together, and thank our Creator for Heavenly paintbrushes so busy all around us (& within us.)

A thought from Virginia (the contemplative purple-bike-rider.) Just as riding a bike uphill exercises and builds up leg muscles (& more besides), so, too, we need to exercise our compassion muscles, to get them in better shape for steep mountain-sized challenges around our whacked-out world.

“Compassion is a verb.” Thich Nhat Hanh

grace, peace & purposeful BIKERS

Virginia : )

p.s. For a more in depth look at cycling tips (& the fun of a serious biker in India), check out Dev Mallangada’s inspiring blog: Cycling – What it Did to Me.

p.s.2 All photos brought to you by Virginia’s iPhone : )

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15 Responses to Purposeful Cycling: Riding My PURPLE BIKE!

  1. Story Storks says:

    Your bike looks like it had a great time!

    • Virginia says:

      LoL, Sarah. “The Adventures of Virginia’s Purple Bike.” Trying to take pics perched up high gets a little wobbly (for accident prone me) hence the starring role of VA’s Purple Bike taking a breather! 😎 🎬🚴🏻🎬😎

  2. what a scenic ride. I am impressed with your ability to ride uphill! I want to get a bike myself in the future-but not to ride uphill!

    • Virginia says:

      Riding uphill works out EVERY muscle, plus it’s a great chance to pray (for strength to make it up!) The other day huffing & puffing upward I encountered a mother zooming down, followed by her 3 sons. “You can do it!” she shouted. And, with that encouragement, I did!! Blessings Michele!🙏🚴🏻🙏

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    Mark and I are just getting into cycling and this is a good primer. Love the pics you’ve captured along the way!

    • Virginia says:

      So glad you & Mark are getting into cycling. That beautiful park you took us to walk looked like a great place to ride. Of course, you have the Wilmimgton beach & boardwalks to enjoy THE OCEAN!! ⛱🚴🏻⛱

  4. TMH says:

    Loved the tour. Deer encounters are the best. Hope your crying on the previous attempt to scale the hill didn’t upset the balance of nature too much. ;-> I bet that area is pretty in the fall.

    • Virginia says:

      It’s beautiful in the fall – & blessedly lesser humidity! We also see lots of deer in our yard, but it’s rare to see 12 ‘a-leaping!’ That hill never seems to get any easier, but it’s a great workout, Tim. 🍃🚴🏻🍃

  5. Carol-Jo Osinski says:

    I saw the trails and the purple bike, but I was looking for a picture of Virginia…oh well..need to searching on the bike trails..thanks for the inspiration..

    • Virginia says:

      It’s hard to take a selfie whilst pedaling. Also a little wobbly taking pics perched on bike (hence the starring role of VA’s parked purple bike everywhere!) LoL! We can arrange for our bikes to meet @ Jamestown High if you want to do trail together! 🚴🏻😎🚴🏻😎

  6. Habiba says:

    I love your cycle and the track that you ride on. It truly is beautiful! I have started cycling a few days ago and I am loving it. Also i am hoping to lose some weight as i have been totally out of exercise lately and have zero stamina. Wish me luck and I would be glad to have some tips from you as well!
    If you do not mind, please share that what is location of this trial in the photos.

    • Virginia says:

      Habiba, cycling is so much fun AND great exercise which makes it a win-win. Just be careful to go every other day so muscles have time to rest themselves before gearing up again. 😎 This Capital Trail runs between the cities of Williamsburg & Richmond in the state of Virginia, located on the East Coast of the USA. Blessings as you cycle! 🚴🏻Virginia

      p.s. you have a great blog!! 💐😎💐

      • Habiba says:

        Thank you for love, support, advise and interesting information. It is a pleasure to have you over my blog and it will mean a lot if you leave your valuable feedback as well. Also, I found your blog really inspiring for my cycling enthusiasm. Keep going and stay healthy!

  7. jillenenarraway says:

    Beautiful views and time to think must make the trip on that cute purple bike just what the doctor ordered! I hope your summer sickness passes quickly so you can bike again!

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks Jillene. I was hoping to get back out on bike this evening (particularly lovely & cool after steamy summer) but just managed a 20 min walk instead. Small steps! Blessings in your new place!!! 🤗🌷🤗🌷

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