…(end of) summer flu blues…

End of summer holiday weekend? Everyone’s out and about having a grand time. Everyone except Virginia, that is.

Such fun plans, niece in town from NYC, family birthday parties to attend to.

Instead? Auntie V spent weekend in bed. Oh my God, my head, my head. And wretched retching tummy. And meandering body aches, roaming head to toe.

Full on nasty four day flu, in summertime? So not fun.

Couldn’t even read much, an unwelcome circumstance compounding flu blues. Thankfully, Tuesday night I read Louise Penny’s latest, Glass Houses. Wanted to make it last, but alas, read it in one sitting (it’s that good!)

Misery loves company, so they say. Brother Dwight’s had a bad sore throat this holiday weekend. Sniffling, shuffling by sickie sis. Hack. Hack.

Whose germs, what & where? (Lysol spray deployed everywhere.)

Food finally settling down in tummy today. Summer flu blues softening down a notch, petering their way out. Laptop (briefly) powered up, click clicking.

Enduring end of summer flu blues made me think of friends and dear ones fighting more serious challenges. Cancer. Terminal illnesses. Broken heart blues, broken life blues.

For some dear ones, medical blues and life blues won’t just peter out. A few may lessen, for a short time, but cancer aches, body aches, heart and broken life aches are ever present.

Humbling, that. My flu blues heart asks God for extra doses of love, peace & healing graces for all of you suffering whatever blues wherever you are. May God give you enduring grace, attuning your blues with notes of comfort and love.

“There is no hell, no private hell of wound, depression, fear, sickness or even bitterness that God’s love cannot and will not descend into. Once there, it will breathe out peace.” Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI

grace, peace & (ending) summer flu blues

: /   Virginia   : )

“Regret will not prevent tomorrow’s sorrows; it will only rob today of its strength. Keep believing. With Jesus you have not a hopeless end but an endless hope.” Barbara Johnson (from Boomerang Joy)

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16 Responses to …(end of) summer flu blues…

  1. So sorry to hear of your bout of flu…. Not a nice way to end the summer. Hope you feel better soon… Diane

  2. TMH says:

    Sorry to hear of your unwelcome labors on this Labor Day To quote Fanny Lou Hamer: I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    Very sorry 😐 you’ve had this bout of flu! I just finished Glass Houses and agree with you that it’s another LP masterpiece! Hope you feel better 🙏

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks, Cin. Glass Houses reminded me of my fav Louise Penny, “How the Light Gets In.” Truly excellent! Feeling better makes me appreciate being better! 🌷🙄🌷🙂🌷

  4. sueterbay says:

    So sorry that you had to begin September in such a dreadful way. Keep taking care of yourself and know how good it is for many to have you back with your writings!!

  5. I am so sorry to hear you have not been well-I hope things are better now.

  6. Debbie says:

    Feel better soon, Virginia! No wonder all the pharmacies are already pushing flu shots!

    • Virginia says:

      Debbie, might be good idea to get flu shot sooner vs. later. I don’t usually bother until October, but geez louise, don’t want a repeat! Blessings to you & (germ free) hugs- 🌷🤗🌷🤗🌷

  7. Story Storks says:

    Fell better lovely lady. Sx

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