Have a Cuppa (celebratory) Tea

There are many ways to celebrate Advent, but a dear friend gifted me with a new way this year: an Advent Calendar filled with TEA! Traveling to Germany she brought this unique gift home that has been such a joyful delight this Advent.

Each day there’s a different teabag with names like Gute Laune-Tee (cheery tea), Freier Geist-Tee (free spirit tea) plus a small calendar insert that lists a daily activity and Advent thought like this one:

“Music makes you happy. A simple gift that connects humans across all borders. Today rehearse a Christmas carol. No matter if you can’t sing, simply tap to the beat on a table. The music will enchant you…”

As shared previously in one of Virginia’s favorite posts (click here to read it: Tempests in a Teacup), tea is one of my favorite things (tied with chocolate.) All kinds are favored: black teas, green teas, herbal teas (especially rooibos) & varieties of chocolate teas (win, wins!)

This time of year, Virginia the avid-tea-drinker thoroughly enjoys sipping Christmas teas, and now, delectably joyful Advent Kalender teas!

On this International Tea Day, celebrated annually on December 15th to highlight fair trade from tea producing countries, share a cuppa with a friend, or enjoy a full pot on your own. To add a little hilarity to a dreary December day, have a listen to The Kinks’ song “Have a Cuppa Tea” – it’s not a Christmas carol, but table-tapping appropriate for today.

Tea in the morning, tea in the evening, tea at supper Time,
You get tea when it’s raining, tea when it’s snowing.
Tea when the weather’s fine,
You get tea as a mid-day stimulant
You get tea with your afternoon tea
For any old ailment or disease
For Christ sake have a cuppa tea…

Ray Davies, The Kinks ‘Have A Cuppa Tea’

A big cuppa Christmas Tea @ Walt Disney’s Epcot Park

grace, peace & celebratory tea

Virginia : )

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” C. S. Lewis

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6 Responses to Have a Cuppa (celebratory) Tea

  1. arlene says:

    Wow, it must be nice to taste those different tea flavors.

    • Virginia says:

      Arlene – Having a whole cabinet full of all kinds of tea makes sipping a cuppa fun (& for every time of day, since rooibos & herbal blends are caffeine free!)

  2. TMH says:

    Advent Tea…you never fail to teach us new stuff, Virginia…

  3. Didn’t know there was ‘chocolate’ tea !!!! Sounds good! Diane

    • Virginia says:

      Diane, there are many varieties of chocolate teas to enjoy – nutty chocolate black teas, mocha mattes, herbal rooibos w/ chocolate & herbal orange chocolate (one of my favs.) All win wins for lovers of tea AND chocolate!! 😎☕️😎☕️😎

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