Joy, Joy, Joy!

At Christmas we sing about joy, we look for joy, we try to be joyful.

Sometimes we confuse joy with making merry, or all-smiles happiness?

But, joy is so much more.

“Joy is the noblest human act.” St. Thomas Aquinas

Joy is not some bubbled-head happiness that depends on what happens. Joy comes from within the heart, sometimes deep within when the horribles squash & pummel our hearts to near-oblivion.

Joy chooses to have faith in God’s love, mercy & grace to carry us through the tough stuff that faces us, or hurting hearts wherever they may be.

Joy does not mean pain-free living, but does not let the pain drive us to darkness. Joy chooses to follow the Light, even when it’s hard at times to see the dimmest flicker.

Joy finds value in the rubble of decimated lives, because those lives are valuable. Joy comes from a well of Love transported on wings of compassion that lifts up the brokenhearted.

Joy finds (& grows) roses in the rubble, watered with faith & love.

… & Joy is what this season of Advent is all about.

Light coming into the darkness. Light incarnated. Emmanuel, God-with-us.

Joy is possible, because Jesus Christ is.

grace, peace & joy, joy, joy

: /  Virginia : )

p.s. A dear reader of this blog, Theresa, reminded me of something important yesterday in a moving email. Remember how Mary said, “my soul rejoices because of God my Savior.” If you are having a hard time finding the merry in Christmas this year, remember merry is not in Christmas, but Christ is.  (Thank you, Theresa!)

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8 Responses to Joy, Joy, Joy!

  1. Carol-Jo says:

    It was comforting to read your blog today…joy..

  2. It’s a beautiful reminder of what ‘joy’ is…. Diane

  3. TMH says:

    Liked your closing line: “Joy is possible, because Jesus Christ is.“

  4. Cindy Kranich says:

    Well said, Ginny!!! 🎄💕🙏

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