A Prayer: Too Many Things

Sorting through old files, I found this prayer letter from my time in Tanzania. May it bless any & all of us today overwhelmed with ‘too many things.’

Dear God:

Too many things overwhelm me: too many goals to accomplish, too many piles to sort, too many issues to grapple, too many people to call, too many projects to finish, too many overdue tasks, too many priorities to re-prioritize, too many things left undone, too many things crushing my heart.

Too many, too many, too many…my feet are sinking in the mire of too many things. Glimpses of joy seem fleeting. Hope is a distant dream vs. the reality of today.

Yet, joy is a choice, and I can choose hope, too. Hope in Your love, Your joy, Your peace, Your wisdom, Your grace, Your mercy: Your Presence all around me and within me.

But, my heart sometimes forgets, distracted by tasks (even if enacted for You.) Too many distractions to sit quietly before You for more than a minute.

Please, Lord God, let the power of the Holy Spirit flow through this clay pot. Let the Light of Your Son, Jesus Christ, shine through the cracks. I’ve been trying to use my own glue that is not holding up so well in the rain of too many challenges. Forgive me. Please reapply Your superglue to keep the disparate parts of this cracked clay pot together.

  • I can’t. I can’t deal with the piles, missed opportunities, disappointments.
  • I can’t. I can’t seem to get a grip on my inadequacies.
  • I can’t. I can’t let go (of control, my ways, selfish me-me-me-itis.)

You, however, CAN. You can take all these burdens off my shoulders, or at least re-arrange them so I can look up to see the Light of love reflected in Your mercy & grace.

  • You can. You can take the controls and guide my heart.
  • You can. You can transform me with wisdom to discern Your priorities.
  • You can. You can fill this clay pot with Your joy, Your peace, Your grace, Your love.
  • You can. You can provide a reason to hope, even when everything seems dark & gray.
  • You can. You can shine Your light through the cracks of this broken clay pot.

Thank You, God for hearing this prayer.  Please help (& please hurry – I’m sinking in too many things!)

In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen.

Your humble servant,


Maybe one day I’ll be able to manage many things like this precious lady in Morogoro, TZ, juggling a case of bottled water, office supplies & her baby with such grace & verve!

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11 Responses to A Prayer: Too Many Things

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    Wow, that prayer resonates with me and I’m sure many others … how beautifully put, too! Re, the precious Morogoro lady, did you notice she is wearing heels 👠 and her effervescent smile 😃?! Pretty amazing!!

  2. arlene says:

    What a lovely prayer Virginia.

  3. TMH says:

    Powerful line: “Too many, too many, too many…my feet are sinking in the mire of too many things.”
    This post speaks to many, many people who are perhaps so overwhelmed, they wouldn’t realize the message. Good stuff and inspiration to simplify and focus.

    • Virginia says:

      Some days life (& our piles) overwhelm us from the get-go, but it’s good to set aside some time to let go & let God into our morning routines (& then maybe the piles won’t crush us later in the day!) ✨🌟🙏🌟✨

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