A Song for Saturday

As Lent jumped us a bit this year (with Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day), Virginia was still on the fence about doing another post-a-day Lent gig. Posted somethings the last 3 days to keep her options open, ‘ya know? But, here’s to giving it an ongoing whirl with a song she’s grooving to on this gloomy Saturday.

A bit bleary-eyed after seeing the late viewing of the Black Panther movie last night (INCREDIBLY INSIGHTFUL, AMAZINGLY AWESOME, FANTABULOUSLY FANTASTIC MOVIE!) this song perked my lethargic blues right up this morning. My brother downloaded it awhile back with other songs after we watched ‘The Big Year’ movie (you can read all about it in this previous Blackbird Grooves post.)

From Canadian songwriter Jeremy Fisher’s Let It Shine compilation, here’s a YouTube of the title track, Let It Shine.

(You can check out more of his music via his home page: Jeremy Fisher Music.)

Shine, let it shine
Even if it burns your eyes
This light of mine is mighty
And I’m gonna let it shine…

grace, peace & shining Light

Virginia : )

p.s. As during Advent, I realize many readers & friends on FB follow other faith traditions (or none at all) but I hope these posts might increase understanding & bless those following Lenten traditions as we prepare for Easter (the big Holy Day for Christians.)

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4 Responses to A Song for Saturday

  1. Carol-Jo says:

    Keep singing in your heart..

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    That Tree of Light is amazing! Where did you take that photo?

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