Courageous Creativity

Today we remember Joseph, husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Joseph took care of Mary & Jesus by creating things as a carpenter and whisking them away from danger when King Herod went on a killing spree.

It must have taken a bit of courage fleeing to Egypt – into the unkown, a foreign country – to creatively adapt his carpentry skills to provide for them there.

Back in Nazareth, I’m sure Joseph must have creatively repaired things, too. To make them last a little longer, especially for his poor clientele?

In honor of Saint Joseph, here’s something for our hearts to contemplate today.

Indeed. May Saint Joseph’s faithfulness & courageous creativity inspire us today.

grace, peace & courageous creativity

Virginia 😎

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3 Responses to Courageous Creativity

  1. Garfield Hug says:

    Joseph, from what little I remember from the days of Catechism, was always shown to be a quiet and stoic father to Jesus. Love your quote today and I hope one day, God will find a way to communicate with me and I, him. For now, I am on a hiatus. As always, I admire your faith in Christ. You are amazing.

    • Virginia says:

      GH – It’s a mutual admiration society (a term coined by my Papa) – as I think YOU are amazing! Joseph doesn’t get much air-time in the Gospels, but his quiet faithfulness speaks volumes. Kinda like God’s faithfulness (even when we’re not on the best speaking terms) God’s there ready to listen when we’re ready to talk. Hugs, GH!!

      • Garfield Hug says:

        Thanks Virginia for always thinking I am ok. I try. Sometimes it gets weary and yes, you are right in that Joseph has little air time in the Gospels!

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