Snapshots & Whatnot: Advent Acts of Praise


cheerfully red birds @ the Vancouver Aquarium


“Prayer is sitting in the silence until it silences us, choosing gratitude until we are grateful, praising God until we ourselves are an act of praise.”   Richard Rohr, OFM

grace, peace & (Advent-ish) acts of praise

Virginia : )

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7 Responses to Snapshots & Whatnot: Advent Acts of Praise

  1. Debbie says:

    Wonderful quote, Virginia! I especially need to keep reminding myself of the first part, that of sitting in the silence until it silences us. That’s a real challenge for me!

    • Virginia says:

      Keeping silent is not my strong point (I tend to point out to God all that needs doing in our whacked out world?) But sitting in silence – listening – is a real spiritual gift. It opens us up to the deep well love of God’s love (the transforming kind) that gives us the courage to be ‘acts of praise.’ Advent blessings!!! 🕯💕🕯🌟🕯🕊🕯

  2. arlene says:

    Wow, first time I’ve see red birds like these. Love that quote about prayers too.

    • Virginia says:

      Arlene, I tried to identify the birds, but couldn’t (saw them in the Amazon exhibit @ the Vancouver Aquarium, but Googling there are many birds in the Amazon!) Blessings & hugs! 🕊💜🕊🌟🕊💜

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    Wow … those birds are a FULL burst of color!! Love the quote, too. 🙏

    • Virginia says:

      Aren’t those birds fun? Saw them on our big Canada trip. Quote is from my tattered edition of Richard Rohr’s daily devotional ‘Radical Grace’ that I’ve had since the 1990s. Hugs & love! 🕊🕯🙏🕯🕊

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