…holiday blankety blues…

Christmas is just one short week from today. (aaack!) There are some of us who might want to pull blankets over our heads and hide under them to get through the holidays.

Maybe we’ve lost loved ones, our livelihood (or both), or miss friends who’ve moved away. Perhaps as the end of the year approaches disappointment looms large and we’re not looking forward to the New Year (more of the same?)

We crawl deeper under our blankets, avoiding reflection and detection.

“Behold I make all things new.” (Revelations 21:5)

That includes me (& you.)

That’s the thing about the upending Christmas holiday. Christmas is not about parties (although they can be fun) but about a Person.

Jesus Christ.

That’s why we celebrate the birth of the Person Who makes all things new, including us (especially the inside-our-hearts part of us.)

Doesn’t mean our challenges go away or suddenly our yucky year somersaults into ‘living the dream.’

No, it means the provision of quiet grace to deal with each next moment in LOVE.

Because, if there’s any point to Christmas, that’s it: LOVE.

LOVE from Above Who came down to dwell with us – and in us.

Incandescent Love incarnated into our realities (however hard they may be.)

As Christmas approaches, pause and reflect: it’s not about being ‘jolly’ but being genuine. As we hide under the blankets of fears, tears and disappointments – Jesus is here with us, in us, around us, above us.

The cold realities of life may beckon, but His blanket over me is Love.

There to keep me warm and help me hope (& cope) each and every today.

grace, peace & holiday (blues-busting) blankets of love

Virginia : )

“Jesus no longer belongs to the past but lives in the present and is projected toward the future; Jesus is the everlasting ‘today’ of God.”  Pope Francis

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13 Responses to …holiday blankety blues…

  1. Michelle says:

    Amen! Such a wonderful post!!!

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Michelle. ‘His blanket over me is love’ reminded me of a song we sang growing up entitled ‘His Banner Over Me is Love.’ Blessings! 🎶🤗🎶

  2. Carol-Jo says:

    Precious thoughts..

  3. arlene says:

    Sometimes we forget why we are celebrating. Sometimes we get lost in the frenzy.

    • Virginia says:

      Sometimes holiday stress stresses us out even more (than normal) – ‘tis why it’s good to have extra blankets of Christ’s love to cover us with peace. Hugs Arlene! 💜🕊🎄🕊💜

      • arlene says:

        Hugs back to you Virginia. It has come to a point where some people find it more stressful to celebrate Christmas because they see the commercial side of it. We can always celebrate quietly and think of the Great One who is the recipient of all our love.

  4. neatnik2009 says:

    That is advice good to remember.

  5. Cindy Kranich says:

    A good word, Ginny! Like the notion to aim for being genuine over jolly.

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