#ADVENT – Roses & Persevering Faith

Today (12 December) is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (click here for more details in last year’s post.) When a cantankerous bishop asked peasant Juan Diego for a sign, Our Lady of Guadalupe provided out-of-season roses in December.

“Indeed, ‘God… has done great things in me…’ Our Mother’s whole heart is manifested in the words of the Magnificat. They are her spiritual testament. Each of us has to look at his and her own life with the eyes of Mary – what He did in her, He did for us, and therefore did it as in us. Mary’s words give us a new outlook of life. The outlook of an excellent and persevering faith. A faith which is the light of daily life. Of days sometimes tranquil but often stormy and difficult. A faith, which, finally, lightens up the darkness in each one of us.”  Saint Pope John Paul II

grace, peace & persevering faith

Virginia : )

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