A Matter of Perspective

It’s a new year (and a new decade) so maybe it’s time to consider the matter of perspective, how we see things. Visiting Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden over the holidays I accidentally hit a button on my camera (now I know what it does) that took a rapid succession of pictures of the same tree – each with a different perspective.

Perspective is a matter of outlook that often is determined by our “in-look.” Sometimes we get so down on ourselves we let fear cloud our perspective. (Keep in mind fear tends to get ramped up by our insecurities.)

When fear and insecurities cloud our horizon, it’s hard to see things clearly. Our perspective wobbles with doubt and confusion.

At times our perspective is bleak when life is a bungled heap of mistakes and failures. We can let the bleakness of the heaps darken our perspective, or we can choose to change the lens of our perspective to learn from our mistakes and keep on going.

It takes courage to see things differently, to see possibilities and opportunities when change is on the horizon (or in the immediate now.)

It takes intentional courage to change our perspective, to recognize blessings amidst bleakness. To look through a lens of faith and hope that ousts our fear and insecurities.

Changing our perspective means changing our attitudes. Gratitude helps. Maybe life doesn’t feel like a blessing right now, but looking out through a lens of gratitude there’s often more to be thankful for than we realize until we take stock.

“Perfect love drives out fear…” It takes courage to open our hearts to Love, the kind that transforms perspectives to perceive roses blooming in the rubble of our lives.

“When we are riddled with fear just as the sun sets, Christ the Light of Heaven illuminates the night, calling us into the radiance of God’s presence… May the Morning Star inspire us to keep love bright today.” Fr. Guerric DeBona

grace, peace & (new) perspectives

Virginia : )

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10 Responses to A Matter of Perspective

  1. Garfield Hug says:

    Great perspectives and love the different photos of the tree.

  2. Michelle says:

    What a happy accident! This is such a comforting post. My anxiety has been terrible lately and this came at just the right time. 💕💕

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks, Michelle -it’s hard not to be anxious with all the goings-on in our whacked out world! I keep asking God in my morning prayers to strengthen my faith to have (more) courage, confidence and clarity (in addition to all the other biggies like love, grace, mercy, supernatural peace & patience!) Big hugs! 🙂

  3. Cjo says:

    Thank you for your insight, it is so helpful to me.

  4. jonicaggiano says:

    Beautiful post Virginia it really is all about perspective and for me trusting in the Lord. I too, love your pictures of the same tree. Great example. Have a blessed weekend. Love ❤️ Joni

    • Virginia says:

      Hope you are having a grand week, Joni. I do like that tree – it’s fun to have all these pics after a camera accident (of sorts!) I agree with you, Joni – trusting God gives us the umph to see things differently… Big hugs! 🙂

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