#LENT: Springy, Flowery HOPE!

“Hold fast to hope, the fragile flowers shout.” Mary Lou Kownacki

Yesterday was the first day of Spring here in this part of the world. After all those stark winter days, spring sightings of trees budding and flowers blooming are signs of hope for this flower-&-tree groupie redhead.

Our Japanese cherry tree blossoming

Trees and plants have been empty of leaves all winter, but every year they endure the challenge of bleak barrenness to bloom again in spring.

Today in honor of Spring here are blooms of flowery hope to encourage our hearts.

Overflowing violets in Smithfield, VA (sighted in February)

Fragile flowers @ The Norfolk Botanical Garden

A little spring yellow @ Maymont Park (Richmond)

Rainy day blooms (on our Japanese cherry tree)

grace, peace & flowery hope

Virginia : )

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12

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6 Responses to #LENT: Springy, Flowery HOPE!

  1. It did me good to be reminded of Spring. Beautiful!

    • Virginia says:

      Spring is sputtering along here. It’s encouraging in the current context to see a bright flowering tree amidst a bunch of bare trees. Blessings & Hope! 🍃✨🌸✨🍃

  2. Debbie says:

    Wow, Spring in your area is so far ahead of Spring here! Thanks for sharing it — your flowers are gorgeous!

    • Virginia says:

      Actually, Debbie, we’re mostly stuck @ 🏠, so these pics came from previous Garden visits. Our Japanese cherry tree bloomed last week, though- a beautiful sight. There are lots of redbud, white pear blossoms, purple flowering trees (not sure name) & yellow bushes popping up all over. Blessings & flowery hope! ✨🍃🌸✨🍃

  3. sundaygrand says:

    Beautiful! Such a reminder of God’s creation. 💕

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