(a little quickie) Pumpkin Spice Humor

Yesterday I popped into Trader Joe’s for a few necessary items (don’t know how all that chocolate ended up in my cart!)

Everything was pumpkin spice this, pumpkin spice that (pumpkin spice tea, pumpkin spice salsa, pumpkin pasta sauce, even pasta shaped like pumpkins?) Pumpkin displays lurked all over the store! Since things here are still summery, all that pumpkin-ness took me aback. Then last night I saw the most hilarious meme a friend posted on Facebook.

Here’s my rendition of it:

“Summer isn’t over until September 22, so sit your pumpkin spice asses down! I’m not finished with my margarita yet!”

I’m still laughing — hope you are now, too!

grace, peace & margaritas*

: )  Virginia : )

*Or your favorite summer drinkie of choice

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10 Responses to (a little quickie) Pumpkin Spice Humor

  1. I must confess, it’s getting cooler outside here in Canada. And I have already started sprinkling pumpkin spice in my coffee every morning. Haha oops!

    • Virginia says:

      LoL! Oh Canada 🇨🇦! You’re probably ready for hot chocolate by now, enjoy! (It’s still in the ‘80sF here, hence my perplexity over all things pumpkin spice!) 💨🎃💨🍫☕️🍫

  2. Michelle says:

    Haha!!! I love that!!

    • Virginia says:

      Isn’t it hysterical, Michelle? 🍹🎃🍹 I actually like pumpkin spice teas & treats in the fall, but hard to get excited when it’s still hot! 🤣🍹☀️

  3. Chocolate has a way of finding itself to me too!
    I’m all for spice but pumpkin spice?
    Im open to that…not much of that here though.
    Generally cooked with a dollop of sugar and some cinnamon too.

    • Virginia says:

      Like you, somehow chocolate always sneaks into my cart! 🍫😋🍫 I actually like pumpkin spice – when it’s chilly outside. It’s still summery hot here, but cooler temps are OTW. I like pumpkin with a dollop of sugar & cinnamon (YUM) but pumpkin spice here also includes allspice, cloves & nutmeg. Cheers! 🍹🎃🍹🤗🍹

  4. Debbie says:

    Good one, Virginia! I imagine that rushing the seasons can’t be helped this year — we’ve all reached the end of our patience with the misery 2020 has inflicted!

    • Virginia says:

      As miserable as things are, time is marching on. I’m just not ready for Pumpkin Spice everything yet (although I am so ready for Hot Chocolate!) 🍫☕️🍫 Hugs, Debbie! ☀️🤗☀️

  5. JOY journal says:

    Hahahaha! It’s supposed to top 90 here today. I’ve worked pumpkin into the menu already, but I’m also hoping to squeeze in a beach trip!!

    • Virginia says:

      LoL, Nora! I’m not ready for pumpkin spice yet. Hope you can squeeze in your beach trip, that sounds fun! Although must say I’m up for Thai pumpkin curry any time of the year… 🍁🍲🎃🍲🍁

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