#ADVENT: Watching, Waiting, Welcoming

And so it begins…Today is the First Sunday of Advent. This morning our senior pastor Msgr. Joe laid out a litany of 2020 woes (a long list!) Global pandemics, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, conflict, and strife – the world as we knew it last December has changed irrevocably. Into such a world the Light of Christ came 2,000 years ago.

Advent is a season of waiting and watching for the Light of Christmas. It’s a time to wake up, be attentive, grow hope, and be the love of Jesus to others.

Msgr. Joe said just as we observe 3 W’s for COVID-19 (Wear a mask, Watch social distance, and Wash our hands) we need to observe 3 W’s of Advent: Watch, Wait, and Work.

Watch: Keep our focus on Christ and watch our behavior. We need to be awake to what’s going on around us. Take stock of our neighbors’ needs. Guard against selfishness and indifference.

Wait: Don’t hastily push panic buttons or give into despair. We need to slow down. Wait on those who are alone, suffering, and need encouragement.

Work: Labor to make right what is broken. Be ever ready to respond. Use gifts we have been given. “Be busy without being busybodies. That means no whining, no groaning, no belly-aching, no sitting on the sidelines.” (Msgr. Joseph Lehman)

To Msgr. Joe’s list your humble blogger Virginia adds a fourth W: Welcome. Advent is a season of opening our hearts wider to welcome in the Light of Christ. As we welcome Christ, we welcome the joy of Christmas: God incarnate in good times and bad.

“When we are riddled with fear just as the sun sets, Christ the Light of Heaven illuminates the night, calling us into the radiance of God’s presence. May the Morning Star inspire us to keep love bright today.” Fr. Guerric DeBona

A blessed First Sunday of Advent to all!

grace, peace & Advent grooves

Virginia : )

p.s. As in years past Blogger Virginia will attempt a post-a-day Advent gig. (A quote, picture, song, brief reflection, something Christmassy…) I realize many friends and bloggers come from different faith traditions, but I hope everyone will be blessed with a bit of seasonal peace, joy and understanding. All are welcome to join Virginia on this journey!

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2 Responses to #ADVENT: Watching, Waiting, Welcoming

  1. Debbie says:

    Count me in, Virginia — at least for as many times as I can join you. Advent is such a calm season, if we’ll allow it to envelop us.

    • Virginia says:

      Advent calm – that sounds like a good idea for an Advent post. Thanks, Debbie! This Advent may be different from others (concerts? carol services? and some folks still can’t go to church?) But, God’s love for us doesn’t change. Advent hugs! VA

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