Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Years ago in the 16th century, native peasant Juan Diego encountered a vision of Mary on a hill near his village in Mexico. Dressed in native attire Our Lady of Guadalupe spoke to him in his local language.

When the disbelieving Spanish bishop in Mexico City asked for a sign, Our Lady of Guadalupe provided out-of-season December roses for Juan Diego on the hilltop. As Juan opened his tunic carrying the roses to the bishop back in Mexico City, the image of Our Lady in native attire was imprinted on his clothing.

Virgen de Guadalupe, Luis Berrueco (painting @ VMFA)

This led to millions of native Indians coming to faith in the Americas with the empowering message (revolutionary at that time to the Spanish colonizers) that God loves ALL people! A message that remains relevant for our times.

It may come as no surprise that Virginia is a huge rose groupie (note the name of this blog: Roses in the Rubble.) The fact that Our Lady of Guadalupe chose to chastise the Spanish bishop with December roses – something beautiful and fragrant – is something that makes this feast day all the more meaningful.

“This is the irrational season
When love blooms bright and wild.
Had Mary been filled with reason
There’d have been no room for the child.”

Madeleine L’Engle (from Glimpses of Grace)

In this irrational season, may we honor Mary by letting the love of Christ bloom bright in our hearts – like roses in December!

grace, peace & December roses

Virginia : )

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  1. arlene says:

    I really loved that story. When Nissa has her operation September of last year, Obet’s boss gave her a Tilma of our Lady of Guadalupe which she brought to the hospital.

  2. Debbie says:

    Roses in December — what a perfect time for a miracle! I’ve long been fond of this story. It aptly illustrates the power of faith. Less than two weeks until Christmas, my friend!!

    • Virginia says:

      Finding roses in December is a grand miracle (especially in a mountainous region) but I also like the miracle of how Our Lady of Guadalupe’s image changed the heart of the Spanish bishop! Hugs, Debbie! 🌹🤗🌹

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