Indelible Bubbles

Last night reading Anne Lamott’s “Small Victories” this sentence jumped off the page:

“You can change the world with a hot bath if you sink into it from a place of knowing that you are worth profound care, even when you’re dirty and rattled. Who knew?”

That reminded me of a something shared awhile back about bubble baths, the divine kind…

God’s love is always here to keep us going, but do we take time out of our busy schedules to soak in the bubble bath of God’s love? When life beats us up and our hearts are sore, do we let God’s healing graces soften our hearts with bubbles of hope and restoration?

How often do we let God pamper us with luxurious Love, the kind that makes us know we are Beloved and precious in God’s sight?

When we’re stressed and slammed it’s all the more important to pause for a bubble bath of God’s love, even a quickie one. If you’re not near a bathtub, take a 10 minute break to sit outside, breathe and pray. Set aside a worship moment to notice a sunrise, sunset, or moonrise. Go for a walk in the woods, check out the majesty of leaves and trees,

Splurge on flowers to brighten your desk (reminder: God loves me!)

Splurge on flowers to brighten your colleague’s desk (reminder: God loves them, too.)

Take time to receive love from others, to be love to others, to share the bubble bath of God’s gentle grace and affirmation.

Here’s to a nice long soak, treasuring indelible bubbles of God’s love.

grace, peace & indelible bubbles

Virginia : )

“Our hope is not based on something that will happen after our sufferings are over, but on the real presence of God’s healing Spirit in the midst of these sufferings.” Henri Nouwen

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13 Responses to Indelible Bubbles

  1. elvagreen123 says:

    Yes, love that last quote.

  2. Profound and lovely, Virginia. Thank you.

  3. Garfield Hug says:

    I admire your faith and wish I was as strong in faith as you are Virginia. You remind me that there is a God and your communication links with God is great. Can you be so kind as to ask HIM not to forget me and reset the wifi connectivity to HIM. LOL! Thanks.

    • Virginia says:

      LoL, GH – resetting wifi connectivity to Him might require a reboot (asking for a personal celestial faith strengthening router for you!) ✨🌟✨ I guess I don’t view faith as religion, but as a relationship with God (even if my router occasionally needs a mercy reboot when I mess up!) Big Hugs & lots of love, GH! ✨🤗✨💜✨

  4. loved this post- the quote was just perfect.

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