Clay Pots: Masterpieces of Divine Art

“Promise me you’ll never forget that you aren’t an accident or an incident… you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God.” Max Lucado

The other day I had a bit of a revelation. Not an earth shattering end of times lightning bolt, but gentle affirmation by way of a resounding still small voice. The kind heard when all the clutter around our hearts is silenced for a few ticks.

Many of you are probably familiar with 2 Corinthians 4, the “jars of clay” verses. I must confess I memorized them as a child and put them on my office wall in the Middle East as a reminder “to be perplexed (and vexed over injustices) but not in despair.”

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body.” (2 Corinthians 4:7-10)

I have always viewed myself as a “clay pot.” As life happened I included “cracked clay pot” in that moniker. “Isn’t it grand as our cracks get wider there’s more room for the Light of Christ to shine through?” A sentiment Virginia has shared on many occasions.

The cracked clay pot in my mind is broken down, plain earthen pottery. Basic and serviceable, no frills or decorations of any sort.

While on a week-long silent retreat years ago (written about previously here) I discerned the “treasure” inside burned out clay pot me at that time was indeed valuable – filled with diamonds, emeralds and rubies of God’s kingdom – and “diamonds are hard to crush.

But, the outer image of a cracked earthen clay pot persisted. Until the other day as I emptied out the constant clutter of voices widening the cracks in my clay pot. Clear as a bell, that still small voice said:

“You are not a broken down clay pot, but a masterpiece from the Master Potter, Your Creator. An artisan’s showcase of healed beauty is what you are to Me. Precious in My sight, precious, precious, precious! Don’t forget My Love lives in you.”

As an appreciator of fine pottery it’s a paradigm shift to envision myself as a beautiful artisan work of art, a “showcase of healed beauty.” What an image to treasure as I look at special pottery pieces brought back from Bethlehem, from Africa, from artists all over.

I am God’s masterpiece! You are God’s masterpiece! That is something to rejoice over.

In these disparaging times when so much seeks to puts us down, to widen the cracks in our clay pots, don’t forget that we are Masterpieces of Divine Art.


grace, peace & Divine Masterpieces

Virginia : )

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12 Responses to Clay Pots: Masterpieces of Divine Art

  1. Cindy Dawson says:

    He is the potter. We are the clay. He knows what He is doing. Great post! Blessings Virginia!

    • Virginia says:

      I am so glad God is the potter! Thank you for your encouragement, Cindy! May God bless you with extra doses of grace, peace & divine artistry today!
      Virginia : )

  2. love the verse on Potter and Clay. I am mad on clay and love to work on the wheel😂 I too used to refer to myself as a cracked pot 😊 and now I see myself as a burnished clay pot with the Master and me working together to burnish this still more for a Masterpiece – though as you say I am that already. Blessings

    • Virginia says:

      I also love that verse, Rambling Rose. Here’s to letting the Master Potter shape us into masterpieces (with more of our active cooperation) – blessings and hugs to you today!
      Virginia : )

      • Indeed Amen. Funnily … .. I just posted a beautiful poem/prayer by a lady Martha Snell Nicholson I had not her of before … .. that ended with “…Take me and break me and mould me to the pattern that Thou has planned. ” Same thought 🥰. Hugs to you too

      • Virginia says:


  3. I LOVE THIS! Thank you. It amazes me sometimes when I finish with my morning prayer and then click on your latest post and see a similar thread between them. It reminds me that the message needs to be heard in many ways and at many times. The hand of The Creator has blessed us through you.

    • Virginia says:

      Thank you for your encouragement. I think we can never hear enough messages of God’s affirming love for us – and in us! Blessings and blogging hugs!
      Virginia : )

  4. mitchteemley says:

    I know God loves me, but think I’ve tended to view myself the same way, Virginia. Time for an upgrade in my picture of how God sees me. Thanks for the image!

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