Words, Words, Words…

So often we miss the opportunity to share an encouraging word. We may be busy on our phones, or take the negative route in our conversations when we disagree with someone. Hey, it’s okay to disagree! But sometimes we’re not paying attention to how we disagree. If we disparage others in our zeal for being right, maybe this Advent is an opportunity to rethink where love fits in the picture.

On this Tuesday of Advent, here’s a challenge from one of my favorite spiritual heroines…

“Words are easy to give, yet so often withheld. They assuage loneliness, bring peace and joy, make crooked ways straight and people feel wanted and loved again… Let us show Christ to our brothers and sisters in the thousand ways of love’s ingenuity, but especially in loving words.”  Catherine Doherty

grace, peace & WORDS!

Virginia : )

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8 Responses to Words, Words, Words…

  1. Whether it’s the gym, store, supermarket I smile, and try to talk to people. Yes, life can be very lonely 😔

    • Virginia says:

      Susie, smiles go a long way any day – but especially at this time of year. It’s so tough missing loved ones — I know this is a tough time for you! Hugs & much love to you!

  2. Thank you for your words of life!

  3. Words travel far and holds a long lasting impact. So, why not make it a kind one to remember?
    With words we can speak life into others and brighten their day.
    Love the quote!

    • Virginia says:

      Hi Cyn, so glad to see you here. Apologies I have been off the blogosphere but trying to get back at it. Your words have so often lifted the spirits of this redhead! Thank you, thank you – & hope all is well with you!

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