Ash Wednesday & a Lent Challenge….

Lent is here ALREADY… time to put away those chocolates (while recuperating from Chocolate Hangovers), turn off the TV, hide the coffee beans, sweets & whatever else we’ve decided to Give Up for Lent…

My list is the same – year after year – Chocolate (very Hard), Wine (also hard), Chips or ‘crisps’ in British (Doritos VERY HARD), Coffee (not hard), Meat (not hard since i’ve been a Pro-Vegetable Pescetarian 3 yrs now)…

But this year I decided to go for a Big Sacrifice – Black Tea (of all varieties.) Since I make at least 4 pots a day, this Will Be Tough (although notice not offering up Tea altogether as some Green Teas are good, but i kinda depend on those Nice Black Teas to get going in the morning & keep going in the Afternoon.)

Some people give up Facebook, or Movies, or TV or what what…It’s not just about discipline (although exercising discipline muscles is Good for our Faith) but the idea of giving up stuff is to actually think about the suffering of Jesus (or at least something Faith-related) as you feel those chocolate cravings or Want A Big Cuppa strong Tea.

Lent, however, is not just a time to Give Up things…but also to DO something about our faith… maybe get to church a bit more (not just on Sundays), look a bit more outside ourselves to the needs around us & our world (getting in Faith shape means looking up to God more & then looking around ablaze with His love for Others..), volunteering in local outreach ministries, setting aside more Time for Prayer & Bible Study etc..

The thing is – I think these things are important the Whole Year (not just Lent) – but hey, if we start (or re-engage) these good Faith Habits during Lent, maybe we’ll catch the Fire to be On Fire for our faith All Year Around…

Last year my Big Challenge was reading St. Augustine’s City of God (remains at the bottom of the ‘in progress reading pile’) I may have another go at it, but this year I’ve decided to take on a Bigger ‘to do for Lent’ Challenge:

To post something inspirational EACH DAY OF LENT here on this Blog.

This will actually be a Bit Hard, as there’s usually only time for 2 posts a week (& note the recent Wednesday photographs make one post a bit easier! : )    But I will try (with God’s Help) … keeping in mind that an inspirational quote does count as a Post, or photo, or movie, or book – not just spiritual reflections that take heaps of time to write!

To start off, here’s an Ash Wednesday Photograph (from an Easter card i made Long Ago)

Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani (Trappist, Kentucky)

grace, peace & Lenten challenges

Virginia : )

p.s. what are some things you are giving up for Lent? or doing during Lent?

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6 Responses to Ash Wednesday & a Lent Challenge….

  1. Gwen says:

    What a big challenge. You are precious

  2. Cindy Kranich says:

    Love your emphasis on engaging in positive spiritual activity and not just focusing on what we are giving up for Lent. Am giving up sweets among other things but want to focus on turning to Christ and savor His great sacrifice for us that we would be forgiven and have eternal life with Him in heaven forever and ever! -cin

    • Virginia says:

      oooh, SWEETS – that is Very Hard (!) And yes, trying to DO things for Lent also prepares our hearts for Easter & the Renewal of our Faith in Jesus Christ. Amen!

  3. Tammy Yeakel says:

    Hi Ginny,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. You are an inspiration! I’m giving up cheeseburgers and increasing my time reading the Bible and in prayer!


    • Virginia says:

      Thank you Tammy!! Cheeseburgers – that’s hard, too. Given our Common Interest (!!) in all things chocolate, thought of you Tuesday as a flu bug kept me from finishing off these delectable Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate caramels that i have come to depend upon a Bit Too Much as an afternoon treat! They are sitting temptingly on the counter – methinks they will take a trip to the Freezer… (must go spend more time in prayer for Self Control : ) Lots of grace, peace & Prayer – Ginny

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