John Adorney: inspirational everyday earthday-ish music …

You know how you find new music & play it over & over?? well, a few weeks ago my brother downloaded John Adorney’s  Waiting for the Moon for our Kitchen Playlist, but I have moved it all around the house to hear More Often.

yes, yes, i love U2 – my “Upbeat” playlist with ‘Get Moving Grooves’ takes up most of the iTouch (there’s also “Almost Upbeat” to moderately move in the Groove Mode – since Annie Lennox makes her home there, this gets played lots!)  Blasting fav Upbeat (& Almost Upbeat) tunes to get going in the morning works (‘tis also strategic countering caffeine urges whilst cutting back…)

But sometimes reflective music is needed like chamomile tea for our souls.

Age creep?  maybe. The slam dancing music of my younger days can still be fun (on the rare occasion), but too often it just sounds like noise. Very. Loud. Noise.  As life loaded on stress (like working in war zones dodging bullets, landmines, disease & such) my Violent Femmes dancing days decreased much.  Instead, Enya, Secret Garden, Libera & Karl Jenkin’s global Adiemus music snuck into my personal always-play-airways…

Back to John Adorney’s BRILLIANTLY BEAUTIFUL music… instrumental with some singing, reflective yet not melancholy (as a long-time groupie of George Winston & David Lanz, I so appreciate their music that delves in & out of The Melancholy, but when stressed an undercurrent of happier notes does indeed assist that of lifting spirits endeavor!)

On Waiting for the Moon, my favorite “in Bloom” song does just that… while Daya Rawat’s moving vocals on ‘Mavoh Mavoh’ & ‘The River’s Secret’ weave a Middle Eastern/African element into the melodic tapestry of the compilation.

So i played this over & over until Sunday when my brother acquired John Adorney’s Trees of Gold compilation in honor of Earth Day (that may have been just A Coincidence, but how appropriate for this tree lover to groove out on Earth Day to music about TREES??)

wow. it’s still too early to tell which compilation I like better (but there’s this nifty iTouch feature to select “Artist” then “All Songs” & BOTH COMPILATIONS can be enjoyed over & over & over again.)

The ‘Trees of Gold’ title track with Daya Rawat’s lovely Middle Eastern themed vocals is my Current Favorite (although the jury is still out with many more plays to enjoy!) but then ‘Yillow’ takes us to Africa with vocals from Marcel Adjibi & is also Really Good.  The whole compilation is Really Good. No, make that GREAT.

Who is this John Adorney?  Check out his website.  No wonder his music is So Inspirational – he’s also a trained Therapist who uses Music Therapy to help traumatized women.  Cool Guy.  Inspirational life & inspirational music – not just for Earth Day but every day as a reflective tonic for the soul.

Thank you, John Adorney, for the gift of your music that has brought fragrant roses of spirit into the rubble of challenging days.



grace, peace & inspirational music                     (…about TREES!)

Virginia  : )


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3 Responses to John Adorney: inspirational everyday earthday-ish music …

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    You’ve always had a great love for music and I’m so appreciative for all the amazing artists you’ve introduced me to thru the years. Many thanks!
    One grateful sis, Cin 🙂

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