…on Emergency Room visits & Pain Management…

So, Virginia the Blogger has been M.I.A. the past few weeks due to Extenuating Circumstances, Holidays (cooking trumps blogging : ) & Other Issues…

But, hey, I’m back… just in time for merrily attacking Advent, but more on that later.

Someone famous once said, “Pain & suffering are inevitable, misery is optional.”  In my case, I inevitably crash into pain on a regular basis.  The challenge remains how to let (or not let) The Pain maim us inside when outside we are hurting, sometimes off-the-charts-BAD. Misery can be a choice.

It seems like pain is always a matter of Bad Timing. I’d rather give it No Time At All, but  unfortunately pain is part of the life deal & we have to deal with it. As nasty pain gremlins greedily chisel away at our insides, wounding us not just in body but also in mind & spirit, pain can pound our hearts to bits & make our minds mush.

Onto ‘Extenuating Circumstances…”

Two weeks ago while getting ready for church (!) a massive wave of pain immobilized my forward momentum. ‘Twas excruciating, but my brother & I had planned to see the new James Bond movie that afternoon (’tis often a bit complicated getting ‘coverage’ for the Savvy Saints, but we’d plotted ahead for Opening Weekend!) Not going to church meant No James Bond, so I hobbled painfully into my car & prayed all the way there. Clutching my side entering church, I hoped God noticed the extra effort. (As it became evident that the pain was getting worse, I hope God didn’t notice my bent-over wobbly early exit after communion.)

…Fast forward several hours of Urgent Care, a nite of even more pain & a whole day spent in the Emergency Room with my sister Shere: it turns out not to be a Hernia as originally diagnosed but an Internal Abdominal Muscle Pull.

yeah, right.

Given 5+ kidney stone episodes the past 2 years (Va’s internal kidney stone manufacturing plant did not get the memo to cease production, mysteriously churning them out even after giving up salty things that I adore eating), past neck fusion surgery (very sharp nerve pain), a fractured back from falling down a flight of stairs 20+ years ago (my parents call me ‘Calamity Ginny’ for good reason) that led to years of back challenges (like someone is literally stabbing me in the back & twisting the knife?)  + multiple ankle fractures, knee surgery (etc) I would say my pain threshold is kinda high.

That Sunday nite the pain MADE ME CRY. (Kidney stones make me very sick & want to scream, but not cry.)  This felt like an iron claw was pinching my side with needles around to my back.  AUGH.

After running various tests that ruled out the Bad Stuff (strangulated hernia) & finding Other Issues (more for Virginia the Medical Detective to take up with her other docs), the ER doc gave his diagnosis.

Pulled Muscle. huh? To my disheveled disbelief, he added, “sometimes as you get older, these things happen.” You step a certain way. BLAM. Suddenly, you can’t move.

(I really wanted to Blam Him over the head for that ‘getting older’ comment, but the nurse helpfully said she’d seen grown men writhing on the floor crying from the pain of these pulls, thus saving that truly tactful doc potential head injuries!)

Two weeks of bedrest, heat, pills… with Thanksgiving between… arranging Help to turn my Papa (as a bedfast quad we turn him every 4 hrs or so) … & it STILL HURTS.

Bah Humbug.

ok, so not as bad as the ‘it’s hard to move’ first week. But… how annoying.

How unexpectedly ANNOYING.

OK, so I am very grateful it wasn’t something that required surgery (amen & amen on that one for answered prayers) but I am just so tired of the pain scene. As a dedicated Mercy Groupie, I get it – “LORD PLEASE HAVE MERCY, MERCY, MERCY ON ME.. on  us, on everyone…”  and I already ask God every day for Grace (in extra doses.)

I wish i could say that this pain has drawn me closer to God & all that, but you know what? during heating pad sessions I finished Season 7 of “Deep Space Nine” & watched a huge pile of movies (when there’s time, for sure a bunch of those will go into the Movie List Page above & maybe even a few will get blog-estate here.)

…& TRIED TO BE NICE TO OTHERS even when the pain made me grumpy (Bonus Points to the Heavenly Grace Connection…)

…& prayed for the Beanheads in the Middle East botching things up in Gaza & Israel (even dopey on pain meds my heart cried for the senseless violence there, my scribbled out blog rant will have to be toned sown before circulation!)

…& Gave Thanks. Even in pain, things could be worse… & so many others have it so  much worse. There’s the issue of perspective – ‘in all things’ – there are so many things to be thankful for: family, friends, pain meds, heating pads, Grace, Mercy, Joy in special packages (like Amazon Gift cards from my concerned brother, special edible treats from my sister, cards, calls, LOVE & prayers from so many.  : )

…. & laughed (a sure cure: watching Yes Minister, Everybody Loves Raymond & reading Lois McMaster Bujold’s latest Vorkosigan adventure on my new Kindle White,  a very nice giftie from my Very Nice into-new-gadgets brother : )

So, yes, suffering & pain are inevitable, but I decided not to choose misery in this latest episode of annoying PAIN.  yes, I WAS MISERABLE a wee bit, but that’s when prayer really helps. For real. Try it. God does hear(!)  Altho we may have pain meds for physical pain – THANK YOU LORD – there’s also Healing Grace for wounded hearts available from Heavenly Dispensers.


(now must get back to the Heating Pad as have overdone ‘sitting-at-the-computer’ & the PAIN IS RAGING, yet again.)


“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience,

but shouts in our pains:

Pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” C.S. Lewis


grace, peace & Pain Management

  Virginia : )


p.s. Advent is coming & I am plotting to ‘post-something-a-day’ like Lent. For the record, it might be a photo, quote or something Very (VERY) Short(!)

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15 Responses to …on Emergency Room visits & Pain Management…

  1. mymary0913 says:

    Oh Virginia……. unbelievable….. I am so sorry!! 😦 There is not point in not looking for the good, but oooch, ouch, ooooch, ouch….

    No. Fun.

    Grace, peace, and mercy to all there on Castle….

    • Virginia says:

      Mary — ouch, ouch is right : ) … but isn’t it grand that God has such a great sense of humor that even in our pain we can laugh. (Papa is rather good at being a laughter-instigator & he’s in pain 24/7!)

      Know you must be overjoyed (++++) as a gran – congrats.

      Will pass on the grace, peace & Mercy to the Savvy Saints who think you are AMAZING (Papa even said so, TODAY!) More grace back at ‘cha .. gL 🙂

  2. John Paine says:

    So sorry to hear all the above. I knew something was wrong when we hadn’t seen a post in so long. Marion and I will be in touch about a meal. God bless and hang in there!

    • Virginia says:

      Hi John – thanks for your encouragement & the email, too. Appreciate your prayers & for sure, you know how much You-Know-Who likes to eat. There’s been quite a few take-a-ways the past 2 weeks (interspersed with Txgiving leftovers) …any culinary efforts would be greatly appreciated by The Cook (!) … & of course, the Eaters.

      Papa always says that oranges grow by ‘hanging in there.” Lots of growth around here lately : )

      grace, peace & Robust Oranges
      Virginia 🙂

  3. Cindy Kranich says:

    Ginny, So sorry to hear the pain has lingered…you sure have had your share of health challenges. Remember the throat absess following mono your first year? That was rough! Luv u and am praying for you! Cin

    • Virginia says:

      CINDY! We missed you last week 😦 – so much 😦 but so glad you are doing well. The blankety blank blank pain continues (!!!!) which is now just outright ANNOYINGLY constricting. Appreciate your prayers & thanks for the reminder – 1st yr uni was the sickest i’ve ever been (107 fever, emergency surgeries, pneumonia et all) .. & God was good in the Healing -Let-Her-Live dept – Life IS a gift & this pain is ‘nuthin’ at all at all compared TO THAT. amen.

      Love you, sister, & miss you (TONS & TONS) — gL

      • mymary0913 says:

        107 fever?????????? That your brain still functions is a miracle girl! CINDY LETS VISIT SOON. Call me.

  4. jaymers says:

    Oh dear, that does not sound like a fun time at all. Thinking of you! (And in other news, bring on the Advent posts!)

    • Virginia says:

      Jayme – yaaay – thanks for your encouragement to keep plodding onward (Advent here we come!) ‘Twas so fun ‘finding’ you during Lent (via your blog) that always brings a bright spot when you post. (even as a non-mom i can relate in some weird parallel taking-care-of parents universe..)

      blessings to you & yours — Virginia : )

  5. Tammy Yeakel says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your pain. Will keep you and your lovely family in my prayers!

    • Virginia says:

      Tammy – thanks so much for your prayers(!) Definitely needed — & it’s been fun seeing what your dynamo daughter is up to (re: trophies? gymnastics? congrats!) Hope that you are doing well(!)

      lots of grace, peace & Chocolate Cures – Ginny : )

  6. lisa loden says:

    Hello Dear Virginia,
    You have been really going through it. Suffering is never fun but you make the very best of it. You need to know that you go on and on and on blessing me. Your gifts of music are my storehouse for the silent weekends I help lead here. I have another one tomorrow and the music evening is all thanks to you.
    Your prayers for our crazy situation are greatly appreciated.. At least the war is over but the rebuilding process is daunting on both sides. All we can do is pray and pray some more and we need all the help we can get. So thank you for praying and remembering us..
    Blessings and love,

    • Virginia says:

      Lisa — have prayed (fervently) for voices of peace to be raised up on both sides & hearts to receive them.. & of course for you & David & the many beloved friends in Gaza to not get caught in the crossfire(!) May God continue to protect you & grant grace (extra doses), wisdom & understanding to all there…

      SO glad you like the music. Have lots more next time you’re on this side of the ocean.. recently acquired new Taize music that’s lovingly reflective & worshipful along with a stack of Benedictine chant-type choral that’s your kinda thing.

      Blessings on your silent weekend – may God bless the prayers & prayer-ers with special joys of His Intimate Presence permeating the stillness…. & His peace that passes all understanding…

      grace, peace & BLESSINGS TO YOU!!!!!
      Virginia : )

  7. Beatrice says:

    Pole Sana Rafiki..!!!
    No worries now. God is there with you ..prepareyourself for a nice and remarkable XMASS .because that storm is over. God bless you..

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