DECEMBER 1st : WORLD AIDS DAY…(wake up World!)

Yes, it’s December 1st already…& once again the world remembers the millions of children, women, fathers, sons, husbands, teachers, mothers, brothers who have died & are dying of HIV/AIDS.  We need more than just a World AIDS Day  each year to highlight this devastating disease (altho for sure it’s helpful to take a day for events around the world to keep raising awareness!!)  –after living in Africa, i pray every day for the victims of AIDS there & so many other places..

Please take a moment to read my blog on this from last year:

(click this link: Wake up World – It’s AIDS Day)

… and then rem401px-Red_Ribbon.svgember to pray & act & do what you can do raise awareness…

EVERY DAY that you can..


grace, peace & AIDS Awareness


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