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World AIDS Day 2016

As we commemorate World AIDS Day 2016, we remember the 35 million people who have died from AIDS related illnesses and the 37 million people around the globe who are currently infected with the disease. Before moving to Tanzania in … Continue reading

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DECEMBER 1st : WORLD AIDS DAY…(wake up World!)

Yes, it’s December 1st already…& once again the world remembers the millions of children, women, fathers, sons, husbands, teachers, mothers, brothers who have died & are dying of HIV/AIDS.  We need more than just a World AIDS Day  each year … Continue reading

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WAKE UP WORLD!!! it’s AIDS day….

In Tanzania we developed an HIV/AIDS campaign entitled “Kuamka” –WAKE UP! – a challenge to parents & children for open dialogue before it’s too late.  Unfortunately for over 28 million victims of HIV/AIDS, it IS too late, but today the … Continue reading

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