Roses in Advent….

How could i start this Advent blogging adventure without somehow working  in a Rose? From my early 20’s every year i designed my own Christmas cards (now UNICEF ones do nicely given those ‘getting older’ time constraints)… but stumbling upon an old stack today, here’s one from 1997….

Palestinian Rose formatted

carol lo how a rose ere blooming (3)

Venite adoremus Dominum — O come let us adore Him!

grace, peace & Advent Roses

Virginia : )

p.s. This is such a gorgeous carol… reading the words i can’t help but hear Sting’s voice in the beautifully reflective rendition he sings on his “If on a Winter’s Night” compilation (a total fav i play all year, but especially now … several of the spiritual songs he selected like this one & Gabriel’s Message are so appropriate for Advent..)

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9 Responses to Roses in Advent….

  1. Thanks for your post today, Virginia! We just previewed Sting’s winter album–some good tracks for sure.

    • Virginia says:

      Thanx Sharron – i really like the traditional carols Sting sings on this. Very reflective (& he puts a few Caribbean-ish ones on there, too!) The 1st concert i went to was the Police (with Sting!) Long-time groupie…

  2. jaymers says:

    Love it! Can’t wait for the ongoing Advent posts! Hope your pain has evaporated, dearie.

    • Virginia says:

      Jayme – so sorry to read about The Strep – AUGH. No fun, at all at all! Glad you’re feeling better. My owie is improving… actually putting Christmas out one box at a time (did the wreaths today) as to not ‘over-do’ it.. still hitting the heating pad hard in the evenings! blessings to you & yours.. VA : )

      • jaymers says:

        You are so kind. I do think I’ll be borrowing your phrase: “Hitting the heating pad hard.” Don’t be afraid of a little Ben Gay or Tiger Balm, either, right?

  3. Beatrice Minja says:

    Great Virginia !! Thankyou for reminding us on our roles during this precious time . All the best for all that you in bringing hope and happiness during this season.

    • Virginia says:

      Dada Beatrice — asante sane! Hope that your Advent will be blessed with extra doses of grace, peace & JOY. Lots of love (hugs included) from Williamsburg… – Virginia : )

  4. Cindy Kranich says:

    Thanks to you, Ginny, I’ve been listening to Sting’s CD and especially love this beautiful German carol!

    • Virginia says:

      Thank YOU Cindy for taking me to that Police concert all those years ago (& to Squeeze in Richmond & in Norfolk et all. : ) .. & to see the Handel’s Messiah concert last yr at the Ferguson Center..

      I love the way Sting ‘speaks’ the Isaiah scriptures in this carol. Cool!

      grace, peace & inspiring music – Gin : )

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