Wednesday Photograph: life .. & FLAMINGOS!!

Once again it’s Wednesday photographs on Thursday.  Methinks (given how often Weds photos find their posting places Later In The Week) ’tis a good idea to maybe present “Weekly Photos”… ?? sounds boring (the title, that is) – suggestions (anyone? anyone?)*

(‘twould be hard to go ‘wordless,’ as in ‘wordless wednesdays’) since i often add a quote  – ’tis hard to pass up an opportunity.. like today!)

Ngorogoro crater flamingos (2)

“Life is a gift to be grateful for & not a property to cling to.” 

Henri Nouwen

so, what do Flamingos have to do with Life? just look at them! so gorgeously ALIVE with color & pizazzz… not clingy at all, at all!  & then, aren’t we glad to be alive to see them – is that not a gift from God?  …& are we not So Very Grateful for this gift?

If not, start being grateful.


grace, peace & Flamingos

    Virginia :  )

(* remember the movie,  Ferris Beuller’s Day Off?!)

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4 Responses to Wednesday Photograph: life .. & FLAMINGOS!!

  1. Cindy Kranich says:

    I remember when that photo was taken….Sabastian, our Safari guide said to me that you and Dwight took so many pics that if your cameras were shooting bullets there would be no more flamingos! They were amazing and this is a great pic. -Cin

  2. Love those flamingos, Virginia! Wow!

    • Virginia says:

      They were really amazing, like there were LOTS & LOTS of them hanging out. ‘Twas so fun to just stop & watch them for awhile! .. Thanx, Sharron..

      grace, peace & FLAMINGO groupies – Virginia : )

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